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How Can I Protect My Credit From My Upcoming Divorce?

A reader writes in looking for advice on how to best protect her credit before she files for divorce after 12 years of marriage. John Ulzheimer, credit expert for Credit Sesame, answers. “John, I will be filing for divorce from my husband of 12 years in the next few months. Almost all of our liabilities… Read More

Proposed Bill Would Make Drastic Changes to Credit Reports and Credit Scores

Today Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) will introduce the Fair Credit Reporting Improvement Act of 2014. If passed, the Act would result in the most aggressive overhaul of the Fair Credit Reporting Act since 2003 and change the landscape of over 650,000,000 consumer credit reports and credit scores almost overnight. The Act would require the following… Read More

How to Remove a Judgment From Your Credit Report

If you’ve ever been involved in a lawsuit that went to trial then you are probably familiar with the term ‘judgment.”  A judgment is a formal decision made by a court following a lawsuit. In the world of credit, it’s not uncommon for creditors or debt collectors to sue debtors for nonpayment of their debts… Read More

What is the Credit Repair Organizations Act?

Over eight million consumers filed disputes with­ the credit reporting agencies in 2011 according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. These disputes are generally submitted when a consumer disagrees with the content on one or more of their credit reports. And while consumers can submit disputes to the credit bureaus on their own, many choose… Read More

What You Don’t Know About FICO 9 (But Really Should)

In early August 2014 FICO, the company behind the FICO credit scoring system, announced their latest credit bureau risk score, FICO 9. The blogosphere lit up with coverage of the new scoring system but unfortunately most of the blog coverage of FICO 9 was simply regurgitation of FICO’s press release. There were several key points… Read More

How Do I Get Collections Removed From My Credit Reports?

When you default on a credit obligation the original creditor will try to collect it from you directly. After enough time has passed, they’ll grow tired and either consign the debt to a collection agency, or sell it to a debt buyer.  At this point you’ll likely start getting letters and phone calls from collection… Read More

Why Do Southerners Have the Lowest Average Credit Scores?

Let me start by saying that I’m not thrilled to be writing this story.  As a resident of the state of Georgia since 1979, it pains me to have to be the one who points this out: people who live in southern cities have lower average credit scores than those who do not. Just how… Read More