Timeline for Bureaus to Roll Out New Credit Reporting Changes, Key Dates to Watch

The three credit reporting agencies entered into a settlement agreement with the New York Attorney General that will result in massive changes in credit reporting practices. John Ulzheimer, credit expert for CreditSesame.com, explains what these new changes will entail and breaks down the three phase timeline for the bureaus to roll out these new credit reporting changes.

Ask the Expert: Should I Pay My Taxes With a Credit Card?

April 15th is tax day, and represents the Internal Revenue Service’s tax filing deadline for the year. If you owe money to the U.S Treasury or your state’s tax authority, you’ll have to either mail your payment that day or file for an extension. Filing for an extension means the interest clock will begin ticking,

Why Obsessing for a Perfect Credit Score Is a Waste of Your Time

Aiming for a perfect credit score? You’re not alone. After having his credit scores plateau in the 800-817 range for months, a Credit Sesame user writes in for advice on how to reach that perfect 850 credit score. John Ulzheimer, credit expert for Credit Sesame, answers.

Ask the Expert: Does My Credit Score Count My Income?

After getting a new job with a much higher salary, a Credit Sesame user writes in to find out if the increase in income will help his credit scores. John Ulzheimer, credit expert for Credit Sesame, answers.

Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Refund to Pay Off Debt and Raise Your Credit Score

We’re knee deep into tax season and if you’ve played your cards right you should be expecting your refund some time in the next few weeks, assuming you’ve filed your returns already. So what should you do with your newfound windfall? Take a vacation? Make a down payment on a new car? Or, perhaps something smarter? Here are several other options to help you spend your tax refund a little more wisely.

Credit Reporting Overhaul Agreement Will Bring Massive Changes In Credit Reporting

In one of the largest industry overhauls in more than a decade, the three credit reporting agencies — Equifax, Experian and Trans Union — will change the way they handle credit report errors and disputes, unpaid medical bills and more. John Ulzheimer, credit expert for CreditSesame.com, breaks it down and explains exactly what this overhaul entails.

Your One Way Ticket to Jail, the Credit Privacy Number

If you’re wondering what a Credit Privacy Number (CPN) is, and whether or not it can legally be used to escape a bad credit history, read on. John Ulzheimer, credit expert for Credit Sesame, explains what you need to know about CPNs as well as a word of warning if you’re thinking about using one.