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Ignorance is bliss, until it comes to the fine print. Photo:http://bit.ly/1X0ZK3T
The scene is all too familiar to millions of Americans: the phone rings… incessantly. Debt collectors are calling and they won’t stop. The reasons people fall into arrears are as many and varied as the items displayed on your favorite Chinese buffet. The bright side is that paid collections are not factored into credit scores...
This isn't Alma and Violet. Image Source: http://bit.ly/1Q06Qkw
This is the story of Alma and Violet, and the 25-year relationship that was destroyed over a $125 debt. Alma and Violet became friends in grade school. As teens, they shared clothing, makeup, and outrageous earrings. As mothers, they shared baby gear, toys, and books, and frequently traded child care. The two women are on...
  Getting through four years of college requires a lot of hard work and earning a degree is a major accomplishment. The real challenge, however, begins once it’s time to head out into the real world and find a job. Moving to a major city can improve your chances of landing a plum position but...

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