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If your car breaks down or you need a small roof repair or the dentist says you need a crown tomorrow, would you have the cash to pay for it or would you have to use a credit card? I’ve often heard friends with credit card debt say, “I always use my credit cards for... Read More
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Hiding your debts from your partner has an expiration date. One of the benefits of having a pre-martial chat about money is that one walks into the commitment feeling ‘clean’; no secrets, no worrying at 3AM because you have debts you never told your partner about and they are looming up. Money issues bring up... Read More
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Taking a look at the best personal finance news, tips and advice from others on the web! This week’s highlights and links we love: — Three Money Smart Strategies for Financial Literacy – Forbes — Teaching Kids About Money: How to Prepare Them for Adulthood – Frugal Rules — The Ultimate List of Must Have Money Management/Savings... Read More
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Managing your home, auto or personal loans shouldn't be a headache! Get all of the expert advice, tips and tricks that you need to help you better manage your loans and other debt, protect and improve your financial standing and save money over time!

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