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Despite the common misconception, not all late payments are created equal. Credit Sesame credit expert, John Ulzheimer, explains exactly how late payments affect your credit scores and how to recover....
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Taking a look at the best personal finance news, tips and advice from others on the web! This week we're highlighting important life lessons our moms taught us, thinking about financial freedom and what financial independence means to you, the problem with "keeping up with the frugals," money-saving tips to help you beat the summer heat, nine things you should never skimp on when traveling and how to keep your money safe when you are traveling, and a whole lot more!...
financial goals
An action plan to reach financial goals isn’t something reserved for New Year’s resolutions. You can begin at any time of year. Here are four steps that anyone can use -- even you! -- to reach financial goals....

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Managing your home, auto or personal loans shouldn't be a headache! Get all of the expert advice, tips and tricks that you need to help you better manage your loans and other debt, protect and improve your financial standing and save money over time!

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