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Forty-three million Americans have overdue medical debt on their credit reports, damaging their ability to borrow money or receive a good interest rate on a loan. Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that 52 percent of all overdue debt on credit reports is the result of unpaid medical expenses. Here's what you need to know to keep medical debt from damaging your credit....
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Taking a look at the best personal finance news, tips and advice from others on the web! This week we’re highlighting six financial questions to ask before moving in together, tips for cutting gym costs, advice on how to make tax time less painful (now and next year), what you can do now to protect your tax refund...
Taking a look at the best personal finance tips and advice from others around the web! This week we're highlighting the ten types of friends who are costing you money, how one change can help change your financial situation, 38 ways to save money without trying (much), plus a look at paying off debt from smallest to largest, how budgets might make you feel inadequate, but they can also make you rich, lifetime savings plans for every age —and more!...

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