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When your identity is stolen, it feels like the world is crashing down on you. Canceling credit cards, correcting errors on your credit report, and taking steps to restore your identity take time. You may not know what to do, whom to contact, or in what order. Because identity theft can have such a dramatic impact on your credit score, it can also affect the credit cards and loans you may qualify for in the future. It may affect your credit worthiness with lenders, a new employer, or even your insurance. With the growing frequency of data breaches like Target and Apple, you shouldn't wait any longer to protect yourself especially since Credit Sesame now offers credit and identity protection services for free.


Monitor & Protect Your Credit and Identity, All in One Place, All For Free

We've added new Identity Protection features to our award-winning free service to make your life easier and give you additional peace of mind. The best part is that you can now do it all in one place with a free Credit Sesame membership (always free with no credit card required.) No need to share your most valuable information with multiple websites.

If you want a more complete set of tools to monitor and protect your credit and identity, check out our Premium Services. You'll get the most robust credit and identity protection, at a better value than you'll find anywhere else. With features such as unlimited daily credit score updates, a monthly credit report, Social Security Number monitoring, and a $1,000,000 identity theft insurance, you'll have the peace of mind you deserve.

Be Prepared If Disaster Strikes - for FREE

When you sign up for Credit Sesame’s free credit monitoring, we'll automatically give you $50,000 identity theft insurance, plus live access to talk to identity restoration specialists — for free. In the event you are ever a victim of identity theft, you won't be alone to deal with it because we’ve got you covered.

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