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I’m having difficulty creating an account

The issue you are experiencing could be caused by a number of different things.

Most commonly, the information that was entered did not match the information the credit bureau has on file for you. All information, such as the spelling of your first and last name, physical address, social security number and security questions have to be identical to the way they are being reported.

You may be experiencing an issue because the name you entered did not match the credit bureau’s records for you when you initiated your credit history. Have you changed your name since you started your credit history? If so, please use your maiden name to create an account or whatever name you had when you established your credit history.

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The site is telling me there is an issue with my IP address

The IP address you are using is not being accepted by our system. The IP address may be masked or may have certain security features such as a proxy server or a TOR exit node. This can be the issue if you are using a work computer. It is possible that you have malicious software on your computer that may cause a potential security risk for your account and your information. If our system identifies any issues with the IP address including identification or malware, you will not be able to access your account. Please use a different device to access your account.

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My balances and debts are incorrect

If you feel that there are errors in the debt section of your Credit Sesame account you can make manual changes on the website (not the app) under the “Financial Data” section underneath the “HI ‘your name’” dropdown menu.

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I want to cancel my account

To delete your Credit Sesame account, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account, click the “Hi, your name” drop down option then click Profile.
  2. At the bottom of the profile page you will see a link to delete your account.
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Why does my score say N/A or 0?

This could be due to one of two reasons. 1. Your credit file with the credit bureau has insufficient history (not enough activity) to generate a score. Or, 2. You have a Freeze or Credit Lock on your credit file that is preventing the credit bureau from releasing your data.

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Why hasn’t my score been updated?

Credit Sesame has two primary updates that we conduct on a regular basis; the credit score update and the credit report profile update. The credit score is updated on a monthly basis whereas your credit report profile is updated every other month. The credit report profile contains all relevant information regarding anything that appears on your credit report such as debts and balances. Typically, both reports are updated by the end of the first full week of the month.

If you do not see an update by this time, please feel free to contact us so we may do additional research for you.

If you would like to have access to daily credit score updates, please feel free to explore our subscription products that provide this feature. Once you are signed in to your account through the website (not the app), our subscription services can be found by selecting “Identity Protection” from the navigation bar on the top of the page.

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Why did my score change?

Your credit score can fluctuate from month to month and it is not always clear why. Score changes can be caused by new inquiries, late payments, new loan applications etc. If you click the “finances” tab then “My Credit’ or “My Credit Monitoring”, you will see the key factors impacting your score. You can purchase a copy of your in depth credit report directly through the website. Credit Sesame works directly with the credit bureau but has no control over the content that is on the credit report.

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How do I unsubscribe from your emails?

As a registered user, you will automatically receive 2 emails a month from us. One is a mid-month summary and the other is an account update notice.
You can minimize the emails you receive by changing your Alerts settings. This can be done by clicking “Hi, your name” > Alerts.

The only way to stop all emails is to close your account.

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General Questions

Is Credit Sesame safe?

Of course! Safeguarding your information is of utmost importance to us. We use bank-level security practices, encryption and firewalls. Take a look at our Privacy and Security Policy to learn more.

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Is Credit Sesame really free?

100% free to you! We earn a small fee from banks, but only after you close on a loan, so it’s in our best interest to find you the best match based on your own personal needs. We never play favorites, and it makes no difference to us which bank you end up working with; we’re just looking for the recommendations that work best for you. Meanwhile, all of our tools and services are 100% free for you – no trial periods, no catches:

  • Free advice: We analyze your loans and credit card debt every day as the market changes, and if there’s a better loan option that saves you money, we alert you.
  • Free tracking and alerts: We update your credit score and loan information every month, then create easy-to-use trending graphs so you can track how you’re doing.
  • Free home value estimates: We update the estimates of your home value and the amount of home equity you’ve built up every month.
  • Free financial goal-setting: We help you set your own financial goals – like refinancing a home, borrowing money or buying a house – and alert you when we find an offer that meets your goals and saves you the most money on interest.
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How are you different from debt consolidation and debt settlement services?

Debt consolidators and debt settlement services work with people who are behind on their loan payments and need debt relief. They generally negotiate terms with creditors, and in return charge a fee for their service. Using them can lead to impaired credit.

Credit Sesame works with people who want to make informed credit and loan decisions throughout their lives. We help you find savings, manage debt, borrow smarter and take control of your credit. Our analysis is free and won’t harm your credit.

Credit Sesame Debt Consolidation Graphic
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Why do you need my social security number?

We need your social security number to retrieve your monthly free credit score and credit profile information from our credit bureau partner.

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How do you get the estimated value of my home?

We get the information from, which pulls together public record data from over 120 million homes to quickly and easily provide an estimated value range.

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Why are your loan recommendations and offers better than offers from other sites?

Most other sites simply give you basic information and can’t tell if you’ll actually qualify for the loans they recommend. We use our proprietary engine to match you, based on information like your existing loans, credit score, current home value, credit usage and debt-to-income ratio, with loans from top national lenders that best meet your goals. But we also take much more into account, including the time horizon of your loan, based on how long you plan to hold the loan or stay in your house, and your payment flexibility (i.e. do you prefer fixed payments, variable payments or a hybrid that saves you the most money).

Then our patent-pending technology runs 5,000 scenarios to forecast how all these loans will perform over time. We narrow down all available products to the top three that could save you the most money. It’s all about giving you the information that no one else can give you, so you can make an informed decision.

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How do I share my site improvement ideas?

We value your input! Our goal is to make site improvements driven by your feedback. You can fill out the feedback form or email us directly at

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How do I delete my account?

Once you are logged in, simply click Hi, Your Name at the top of the site, then click Profile. Scroll to the bottom of the Profile page and you will see a link to delete your account.

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I have additional questions. How do I reach you?

We’re here to help! If you can’t find an answer to your question here, visit our Help Center.

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Credit Questions

What is a credit score?

Your credit score is number that indicates your creditworthiness. Credit scores are based on your personal credit history recorded by credit bureaus. Banks and credit bureaus collect all of your credit and debt information and give you a score: the higher the number, the better the score.
Credit Sesame uses credit scores to give consumers a better idea of their credit standing.

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Will your automatic pull of my credit score then lower my credit score?

Never! Because we pull your credit score for your own personal information on a monthly basis and don’t share it with lenders, this results in what is called a “soft inquiry.” Unless you apply for a loan, your credit score will not be impacted.

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What is credit usage?

Your credit usage ratio compares how much credit you have available versus the amount of credit you actually use. The more unused credit you have available, the higher your score. We let you monitor your credit usage so you can tell if you’re eligible for the loan amount you’re looking for and so you’re always aware of your borrowing power.

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What if I think my credit score is different from what you show?

Your credit score can change on a daily basis, and there are three credit reporting bureaus that calculate your scores based on what may be different information since not all lenders report to all three bureaus. You may have seen your credit score on a different day, or you may have seen a score from a different bureau. Scores can also vary depending on how often lenders and creditors update their information with the credit bureaus.

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How often will you update my credit score?

We update your credit score monthly and show you how it’s trending over time. This monthly check won’t affect your credit score. Note that we don’t provide a full credit report detailing all of your payments and loan activities; we only provide the score.

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Debt Questions

What is debt optimization?

That’s when we figure out the best, most optimal options for your loans and credit. We look at all of your combined monthly payments to see if there’s a way to restructure your loans and credit card debt so that you’re saving money while still paying them down. For example, you may have the best possible first mortgage and the best possible interest rates on your credit cards, but we may find a loan that combines all your credit cards into one loan with a significantly lower interest rate. You’d save thousands on interest alone, while paying down your debt faster. That’s what we call optimized!

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How do you calculate my total monthly debt payments?

We get the total amount of all your minimum monthly payments for all your loans – mortgage, credit cards, student loans, etc. – from your credit report.

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What is debt-to-income ratio and why is it important?

That’s the ratio that compares your debt payments to your monthly income. If your debt-to-income ratio is high, that means a large portion of your income goes to cover your debts, so you might not be able to manage your payments over time. Lenders use this ratio to decide how much of a loan you can afford.

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Where do you get my debt, current loan and interest rate information?

We use our credit bureau partner to get your credit score, existing loan information and current interest rates.

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Credit Sesame Advice and Recommendations Questions

How do you choose your recommendations for me?

Our patent-pending technology pulls in loan offers and eligibility information from all major banks, then matches this information against your personal situation (like your annual income, debt-to-income ratio and current loans). In just minutes, we run 5,000 scenarios to forecast how your existing loans compare to all the loans you qualify for, and then we narrow this down to the three options that save you the most money over time.

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Where does your loan and debt advice come from?

We get new loan, mortgage and refinance information, as well as the eligibility requirements from all major banks on a daily basis. Then we analyze this information against your credit profile and your financial situation to find the best-matched advice.

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Do you notify me when there’s a new offer?

We do. Every day, we analyze the latest loan and mortgage information from all major banks. When there’s a loan, mortgage, refinance loan or other product that meets your needs and/or saves you money, we alert you.

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How do you decide if I’m eligible for an offer?

We use our proprietary engine to match you based on your information, like your existing loans, credit score, current home value, credit usage and debt-to-income ratio, etc., with loans from top national lenders that best meet your goals. But we also take much more into account, including the time horizon of your loan, based on how long you plan to hold the loan or stay in your house, and your payment flexibility (i.e. do you prefer fixed payments, variable payments or a hybrid that could save you the most money).

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Can I set my own financial goals?

Absolutely! That’s one of our best services: In addition to us proactively looking for savings, you can also create your own goals and have us send you an alert when we find the best offer. You can specify goals like refinancing your home, buying a new home or consolidating credit card debt. And you can specify preferences like how long you’d like to hold on to the loan (15 years? 30 years?) or what kind of payments you’d like to make (fixed? variable?). All for free!

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