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Earlier this year, Credit Sesame conducted a Super Tuesday report that compared the credit profiles of democratic and republican presidential candidates. Now that the presidential field has thinned to just two major candidates—Republican Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton—and the election is in its final days, we decided to conduct a follow-up survey to find out
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Growing up, if you were tardy to school too many times, you’d probably get a detention. As an adult, there’s a significantly greater consequence: Just one late credit payment can cause your credit score to nosedive 60 to 120 points (depending upon what your score initially was and the type of payment that was late).
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If you have few student loans and are looking to relocate to a city where you’ll be in good company, the 10 on this list are a good place to start. We examined data from our eight million Credit Sesame members and researched cities where there are at least 350 members with open student loans. This
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