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Credit Sesame surveyed 500 consumers to find out how they plan to pay for holiday expenses this year. Most people (43%) said they would rather use cash than credit cards for holiday purchases. This is in line with our previous survey that showed the people (in particular, Millennials) are adverse to using credit cards. People tend to
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New Year’s is often a time for sweeping pronouncements — that often fail before January is over. Not to be a Negative Nancy, but statistically speaking, your resolution to get debt-free in 2017 probably isn’t going to work out. You’ve probably heard of extreme get-out-of-debt stories where people did things like quit their jobs to live
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Although Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both offering student debt solutions that are better than the current student loan repayment system, in the end, Clinton comes out on top.  Looking at the estimated savings of each plan in the ten cities with the highest amount of student loan debt compared to annual earnings, Clinton’s
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