This Week in Money Management: Bringing Home Baby'/

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Family planning isn’t for everyone, and many couples are waiting until later in life to start their brood. If you are curious as to what experts and those who have been in the trenches of parenthood have to say on matters of money and raising a family, however, we think you’ll enjoy this week’s collection of links!

1. Freeze it for later. If you thought cold storage was just for extra cuts of meat and those lasagnas you’ve been hoarding, Wise Bread has some inspiring tips for making a few frozen treats for when baby gets here! (Granted, baby won’t be eating much of these, but being prepared makes parenthood much easier.)

2. Real estate is kids’ stuff. This story of a 14-year-old buying investment property is inspiring – and also a bit scary. Read more at The Consumerist.

3. Tame your toddler. One of the more difficult age groups to manage – the toddler – doesn’t require much money to keep happy. Check out these tips for entertaining the screaming masses via Money Crashers.

4. Swap for a sitter. You can trade clothes and old CD’s, so why not child care? The Simple Dollar tells you how get started with a “sitter exchange.”

5. Breaking the baby budget barrier. The baby market (for baby items, not actual babies) is growing by leaps and bounds every year. This nifty infographic from Frugal Dad tells you just how much of a “scam” it may actually be.

6. What to do with that windfall… It’s the best case scenario: You saved for your child’s college; they earned a full-ride scholarship. This positive post from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff tells you how to deal with all that extra cash!

7. Even babies need bling. If you thought $1,000 for a designer stroller was rich, check out this roundup of ridiculously high-priced toys from Frugal Zeitgeist. (We dig the jewel-encrusted Hot Wheels, though.)

8. Kids and grownups will love it. This rainbow jell-o recipe from Frugal Upstate is delicious. Enlist a kid to help with the process, and make it a family affair!

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Published March 12, 2012 Updated: December 27, 2012
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