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The Credit Sesame™ Credit Badge™ program certifies your financial responsibility.


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AThe Credit Badge™ program is always free! Sign up securely to get your free credit score monthly and automatically earn badges based on your good financial habits.
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Need to Know
Credit Score
Your credit score is an important number that determines whether you are approved or rejected when applying for credit. If you do pass it can also impact the interest rate that you will face when you have to pay back the credit that you took. Credit scores can make your life easier by getting more breaks when it comes to purchasing or renting. It is a 3-digit number that is generated based on your credit report. It predicts the likelihood of your paying back your loans and other payments you own.
Credit Score Factors
Your credit score goes by several factors, for example, the FICO score takes a look at your payment history, amounts owed, lenght of credit history, new credit, and types of credit that you have used before and currently. Other agencies use their own algorithms to determine what your score is, and they have a different range as well.