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For those of you who are new to credit, have limited or no credit history we at Credit Sesame will suggest options for a credit card from our card partners that may best fit your needs. These credit cards are great if you’re getting started in the credit card world and are looking to build or rebuild your credit so eventually you can upgrade to a credit card with better terms, more features and if you are interested even a card with a rewards program. It’s important to start building up your credit as it will affect the types of loan terms you can get, the insurance you will pay, and the type of apartment you can rent or car you can buy. In some cases it may even translate to the job you can get. These credit cards can be a stepping stone on your journey to building your credit, but remember, it is up to you to manage your credit responsibly, for example by making your payments on-time and if you carry balances on your cards, try to keep them low (generally 30% or less) relative to your overall credit limit. Be sure to read the the terms and conditions of the card offer and compare with our calculator the different benefits you can get with each card. Understand each card issuer has different criteria they use to determine if you will be approved for a credit card, so, having a credit score in a particular range is not a guarantee that you will be approved for the card or for the terms you applied for.

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Do you need to go with a no credit history credit card?
If you do not have credit history, then yes, you will need to start off with a credit card that allows for limited or no credit history at all. Credit companies will want to know that you will be able to pay your balances and and are a responsible credit holder. Once you build enough credit you will be able to move on to more credit card options with better benefits and higher limits.
What is a new to credit credit card?
New to credit credit cards are for people who either have a very limited credit history or none at all. These credit cards are great for starting to build up your credit score. They mostly consist of secured credit cards where you have to pay an initial deposit in order to get credit of the equivalent amount. once you start paying your balance on time your credit limit will rise and so will your credit score.
What kind of card can I get?
If you are starting to build credit or want to raise your credit limit back up again, the new to credit option is the best path to take. It will allow you to easily get accepted if you meet all the requirements and to start building up your credit history to move on to better cards. This is the best starting point if you are a first time credit card owner or found yourself with a poor credit rating and are in need of a new credit card.
What are the pros & cons?
The upside to these cards is that you do not need a credit history in most cases to apply and get accepted. Most also offer a relatively low deposit to get started and some even offer rewards such as cash back. The downside is that they can have relatively high interest rates, most have an annual fee you have to pay, and in some cases a processing fee as well.

New to Credit Featured Offers

OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card

The OpenSky® Secured Visa® credit card is a great place to start to build your credit, with responsible use, as it reports to all 3 major credit bureaus. The refundable deposit provided by you becomes your credit line limit on your Visa card. You can choose your credit line yourself from as low as $200 up to $3,000. There is no credit check necessary to apply.

Customer Reviews

All I wanted when I applied for this card is to improve my credit score. Some secured card company didn’t even want to give me one. I’m grateful that they issue me the card. As soon I receive the card I pay of the annual fee. I try to pay of the balance as soon as I receive my statement. It’s true that they are slow posting the payment that I made, but that’s doesn’t bother me because I got it to improve my credit score. Also I’m just grateful.

This card does it’s job. Reports to all 3! Since i have had this card i have had a 40 Point increase and use no more than 30% of the available credit line. been with them for 1 yr. great customer service.


With the OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card new Card members with no credit history can start to build their credit quickly. Their account activity will be reported to all three major credit bureaus. Once a refundable security deposit is provided by you, you will get to choose from a credit line of between $200 and $3,000. The security deposit must be made before the actual credit card is issued.

There is no credit check necessary to apply. You will also be given access to credit tips and a dedicated credit education page on their website to offer support to you.

Total VISA® Unsecured Credit Card

The Total VISA® Unsecured Credit Card has a fast and easy application process, manageable monthly payments, and reports to all three major credit bureaus. The only point to keep in mind is that for this card you will need a checking account. Please note this program is not currently available in New York or Wisconsin.

Customer Reviews

Yes I have credit scores in the mid 500’s and was approved for the Total Visa. You do have to pay an account fee before you’re approved to start using the card. So far they have given exactly what they have promised.

I have nothing negative to say right now. I just got the card. They the only thing is that I didn’t like the the fact that there is a sign up fee & an annual free. I made a payment over the phone & no extra charge on that which is a plus. Too many companies are charging for over the phone payments.


New cardholders are required to have a checking account before they can be issued the unsecured credit card. The application process is fast and easy to complete. Once it is submitted, you will receive a response within seconds. If you do get approved, there will be a processing fee for opening the account and then you will have access to your available credit.

The Total VISA® Unsecured Credit Card is a genuine Visa card that is accepted by merchants nationwide across the United States and online where Visa is accepted. All of your account activity will be reported to the three major credit bureaus. However please note this program is not currently available in New York or Wisconsin.

Credit One Bank® Credit Card with Gas Rewards

The Credit One Bank ® is a great option for those who want to earn gas rewards. You get unlimited 1% cash back gas rewards. If you are looking to expand your credit limit or find other great oppotunities such as using your rewards, then this card is the right choice for you..

Customer Reviews

Got pre-qualified without it effecting my already bad CS. Approved and got my card within 2 weeks. My score because of this card increased a whopping 52 points in less than a month, and that’s no bull. I always pay off my balance a week before the actual due date, and use the standard method to avoid the extra charges for doing the expedited payment. Available credit takes 4 days to post, but actual payment is always posted the next business day. Customer service has been great the three or four times I’ve had to contact them with questions. They’ve made it possible for me to begin repairing my credit, and I am now much wiser and will only continue to go up and up from here. Don’t listen to others negative remarks or comments about how they nickel and dime you out of your money…It’s not true!!! Trust and believe, pay off your entire bill before the due date, keep your balance at or under 30% of credit line, and you will definitely see all positive results.

I have been attempting to rebuild my credit for quite some time, but was unable to find anyone to help me. By pure luck I came across this card. After reading the reviews and checking the approval odds based on my credit, i was instantly approved and received my card within 7 business days. I have not found anything negative to say about them. I have not needed to speak with customer service or anything but from other reviews I have read, I’m confident there will not be any issues. Thank you for giving me a shot!!


The ultimate gas rewards card that will give you 1% cash back in rewards on all gas purchases. These rewards will post to your account each month automatically. You will also receive automatic reviews on your account that will entitle you to credit line increases. Your credit information can be tracked with the free online monthly credit score tool that you’ll have access to.

New users can get prequalified without affecting their credit score. You can also choose your own credit card design from the premium gallery of designs available. When it comes to making your payments on time, you can subscribe to text or email alerts that will notify you when your next payment is due. That way you don’t accidentally miss a payment.

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Related Credit Card Options

Prepaid Cards

The prepaid card is a great way to start your experience of using a card rather then using cash. A prepaid card can be used for online purchases or other locations that only accept payments with prepaid, debit or credit cards.

Secured Credit Cards

Secured credit cards are your best option if you are in need of rebuilding your poor credit score or this is your first time in the credit area and are looking to get started from scratch. The chances of being accepted are relatively high, even with no credit history.

Business Credit Cards

If you run a small, medium, or even large enterprise you will be in need of a business credit card. These cards can useful for purchasing business related products and services. Some cards offer rewards and other incentives geared for the business owner.

Cash Back Credit Cards

Cash back credit cards are a great way to earn more on your every day purchases.

Low Interest Credit Cards

If you have good or excellent credit then you may be eligible for a low interest credit card. These cards may be suited for you if you tend to carry a balance and are looking to keep your monthly finance charge relatively low.

0 APR Credit Cards

If you are doing a balance transfer or are looking to make an expensive purchase then a 0% introductory APR (Annual Percentage Rate) card may be the right choice for you. The introductory rate usually lasts anywhere between 6 to 18 months depending on the issuer and is a great way save on finance charges on your qualifying balances.

Help: Choosing the best new to credit credit card

People with bad credit history will be interested in searching for no credit check credit cards. These are credit cards where issuers will not perform a credit check on the person applying for them. Either that or they will disregard any bad reports on their credit history. You may wonder why a credit card issuer would take such a risk with an applicant that has a questionable credit history. Well there are a few types of credit cards that will benefit both the cardholder and the issuer in these situations. The first type of credit card is the secured credit card. People with bad or no credit will need a way to prove themselves as responsible to the card issuers. A secured credit card gives them the chance to make a security deposit before being issued any credit. That way if they end up being irresponsible and not pay off their debt or make their monthly payments on time, the card issuer will get to keep their security deposit. It is basically like putting up collateral to the credit card company in exchange for them giving you a credit card. On the up side, you can use the secured credit card to build up your credit history after the issuer reports your account activities to the three major credit bureaus. As a result, you will eventually be able to apply for regular credit cards that don’t require security deposits. Of course, you need to make your monthly payments on time while you use your secured credit card. Otherwise, it will be much harder to fix your credit score if you mess up with your secured credit card.
Now if you are a consumer who doesn’t want your credit history checked at all when applying for a credit card, then the only solution is to apply for a prepaid credit card. These are basically prefunded debit cards that don’t require you to borrow money or getting approved for any type of credit. The only thing you need is verifiable identification and the minimum deposit to fund the card with. After that you can use the card at any location that accepts the sponsor of the card, whether it is VISA or MasterCard. However, the big downside to prepaid cards is they don’t do anything to increase your credit score. Since you are not borrowing money or using credit, the issuer doesn’t have anything to report to the credit bureaus. So if you are trying to build your credit history then you need to use a card that actually gives you credit. Besides the secured credit card, you might find a few card issuers that will give unsecured credit cards to people with bad or no credit. The Credit One Unsecured Visa Card is an example of this. The only catch though is the APR will be considerably higher than the average credit card. If you have a bad credit score then expect to have 22.99% APR on your policy. This is only good for people who have no money to make a deposit with on a secured credit card, but are able to make the minimum monthly payment on an unsecured credit card. If you can keep up these payments then you will eventually build your credit score and be able to lower your APR overtime.
Cash rewards credit cards, like the Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card, are great for people with limited or no credit history. They can earn around 1% cash back on all purchases and balance transfers they make with their card. They will also get a chance to increase their credit limit after about six months of consistently making their monthly payments on time. The big downside though is that you can expect the variable APR to be 22.99% after the introductory 0% APR offer has expired. So if you end up making big purchases while only making the minimum monthly payment, the interest charges will outweigh the benefits of the cash back rewards. It would be much more beneficial to pay off the balance in full each month in order to avoid the interest charges and receive the cash back rewards. The only thing is this won’t do much for your credit score. But if the rewards are all you want then go for it.
Overall, there are plenty of credit card choices to make if you have no credit history. Just don’t expect to end up with a low APR credit card any time soon. You will likely endure high interest rates if the card is unsecured or be required to make a hefty security deposit if it is a secured credit card. But remember these are only temporary setbacks. Once you establish your credit score, you will be able to receive a better APR on your current policy. Either that or you can take out a new policy with another company for a much lower APR. The whole idea is building up your credit score more than anything else.

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