Debt Optimization

Debt Optimization

Credit Sesame takes a holistic approach to your debt. We analyze your entire financial situation, including all of your current loans and debts.

What Is Debt Optimization?

If you already have a mortgage, credit card debt or other types of loans, do they fit with your current budget and cash flow? Our patented financial analysis software application crunches all the numbers to find ways to save you money based upon your financial profile and goals.

We Don’t Waste Your Time – We Only Show You Loans That Meet Your Financial Profile

We look at all of your combined monthly payments to see if there's a way to restructure your loans and debt that will save you money. When we analyze your financial situation, we don't just look at interest rates alone, like the other guys. We make sure you have the right loan types, terms and combinations, customized for your available cash and personal needs. When we suggest a new loan for you, we make sure it's one that you can afford over time, so there aren't any surprises down the road. Do you have the right kinds of loans? Let Us Check – It’s Free!.

An Example of Debt Optimization or Restructuring

Sometimes it's easier to have a concrete example. Say John has a $100,000 mortgage at 6%. If we find a way to restructure his loan so that $80,000 is in a first mortgage at 5% and $20,000 is in a home equity loan at 7%, John pays $40 less per month and saves $14,000 in interest over the life of the loan. Even though 7% sounds higher, his overall debt is optimized and he saves quite a bit each month – and over time.

See if we can optimize your debt. Get started, for free!

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