Our Technology

Helping you make better decisions and save money

It’s like having a virtual advisor always looking out for you

Imagine having a credit and loan expert on your side who knows your financial situation and what you’re looking for. Well now you can. Credit Sesame monitors the market, provides customized analysis, and provides recommendations based on your needs. Credit Sesame identifies savings to help you make better decisions and save going forward.

Here’s how it works

Our founders, working with Berkeley and Stanford University scientists, spent years developing our proprietary analysis tools and recommendation engine. Now you have access to our bank-level analytics tools, which run and evaluate thousands of financial scenarios and loan options, analyze the market and your profile, and provide recommendations that you’re pre-qualified for, based on what saves you the most money.

The 4-steps we take to save you money:

Step 1

When you sign up, we securely gather your financial profile characteristics, like your credit score, loan and credit balances, debt-to-income ratio and home value – the things banks evaluate to see if you qualify for their loan products.

Step 2

We evaluate thousands of available financial products from major banks (including eligibility rules and requirement changes) and monitor key market indicators, forecasts and financial trends, to find the best options to save you money.

Step 3

Our patent-pending recommendation engine identifies the top credit cards and personal, home, and auto loans that save you money based on your credit profile and goals.

Step 4

We’ll continue to track market changes and show how your current loans and debt compare to any new options we recommend. Your financial profile, available loans and changes in the market are constantly updated, so you’re always in the know.

Let us help you

Now that you know how Credit Sesame works, you’re ready to create your own profile. As this illustrates, our technology finds the best, prequalified loans to save you money and runs the tools that will help you make smarter decisions.