Adrian’s Article Featured on FinTech Finance

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Adrian’s Article Featured on FinTech Finance

Credit Sesame’s CEO Adrian Nazari’s article, How Robo-advice for Credit and Debt Will Disrupt the Industry, was published in FinTech Finance, a trade publication. Nazari explains the challenges and exciting movements he foresees in this next big disruption.

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How Robo-advice for Credit and Debt Will Disrupt the Industry

Expensive asset managers today are struggling to deal with the twin challenges to their traditional business model: low-cost, passively-managed index funds, and the online robo-advisors that help retail investors optimize the allocation of their assets between those funds. The finance industry is still unprepared for the next big disruption — widespread use of robo-advisors for liabilities: online tools that will deliver customized credit solutions to consumers in real time.

The established state of the credit and debt industry

Think about the traditional model of access to credit: when you buy a home, you visit one or more banks, provide the same information over and over again, and then pore over the terms trying to identify the best offer. When you buy a new car the dealer is sure to offer you a proprietary financing product, or send you to a “preferred” lender. Even the credit card in your wallet was likely sold to you on a visit to a branch or through a piece of direct mail advertising. In other words, credit today is typically sold on the lender’s terms, not bought on the borrower’s terms.

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