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How do I file a dispute with Experian and will this affect my credit score?

QuestionsCategory: Credit Score / ReportHow do I file a dispute with Experian and will this affect my credit score?
Jordan P. asked 3 years ago

I pulled my credit report from Experian and after carefully looking it over I found that there is an error in my personal information. I moved last year and my new address has not yet been updated. How do I file a dispute with Experian and will this affect my credit score?

1 Answers
Tae M. answered 3 years ago

Good for you for checking over your credit report – this is exactly why it is recommended you request your credit report at least once every 4 months so you can keep your finances accurate and up to date. If you want to receive your report for free you can head over to and get one copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus once a year. It is good to check your different reports from each of the three bureaus because they may contain slightly different information that you need to check over.

If you find an error in your report, as you have, it is time to take action immediately. There are three different types of information that are listed on your credit reports. Take a look and see which category the error you found falls under.

  1. Identity information
  2. Trade Lines
  3. Credit Inquiries
  4. Public Records and Collections

The only category in which inaccurate information will not affect your credit score is #1 – identity information. All others can have a positive or negative affect. The next step is to go to and fill out the Experian credit dispute form online. Luckily, Experian has made the process quick and completely user friendly. First you have to pull up your credit report either by the report number or by your personal information. Then you will have to identify the error on the report and provide hard evidence that illustrates why the information is incorrect. Lastly, you submit the claim and Experian will get back to you within 30-45 days as required by law. Make sure to keep records of all communication so that you have it documented if ever you need it.

This process has been similarly streamlined by all three major credit bureaus so the information provided above is applicable to both Equifax and TransUnion as well.