Who is Credit Sesame?

How It All Began

Credit Sesame was founded on a very simple principle: Assets – Liabilities = Wealth, and the recognition that most people overlook how important managing their credit and loans is to building wealth.

Most financial services companies direct customers to focus on investing and don’t address a significant contributor to the wealth equation—the mortgages, loans and credit cards we pay each month. That’s where we come in. With our deep expertise in developing bank-level credit and loan analytics, and the belief that transparency and access to financial information are fundamental consumer rights, we established Credit Sesame in 2010.


Our Mission

It’s our mission to be the consumer’s credit and loan expert—finding the best options tailored to you, so you can save money and live richly.

Our name is derived (as you might have guessed) from the command used to unlock hidden wisdom and treasure: “Open Sesame!” We do the same for you—opening up the possibility of building wealth by better understanding, managing and improving your credit and loans.


What We Do: Help You Make
Better Credit and Loan Decisions

It’s difficult to know which credit and loans are the best for you without any help. That’s why we offer a total solution: a complete picture of your credit and loans in one place. This includes your credit score, credit monitoring, market monitoring, customized financial analysis, and unbiased loan and savings recommendations—all for free.

Our founders, working with Berkeley and Stanford University scientists, spent years developing our proprietary analysis tools and recommendation engine. Now you have access to our bank-level analytics tools, which run and evaluate thousands of financial scenarios and loan options, analyze the market and your profile, and provide recommendations that you’re pre-qualified for, based on what saves you the most money.