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When you want to find the best rates on car insurance, you know you’ll have a lot of research ahead of you. But when you give a lot of insurance companies your contact information in exchange for a free quote on auto insurance, you’ll need to be ready to field a lot of phone calls from aggressive salespeople! How can you get a better deal on car insurance without getting bombarded by sales calls?

Try the smart alternative for comparing rates on auto insurance: Credit Sesame’s Auto Insurance Rate Provider tool. Here on this page, you can enter your zip code, whether you’re a homeowner, whether you already have auto insurance, age, and information about your driving record and additional drivers who will need to be on your policy.

You’ll get a list of providers tailored to your situation. Doesn’t that make shopping for the best car insurance a lot easier? And if you’d rather make a phone call to a live insurance agent who deals with multiple insurance providers and can provide you with a great quote live, you can use the toll-free number on this page.

Whichever method you choose — online or by phone — you can find a great quote on your next car insurance policy right here through Credit Sesame.

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