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Financial Stress Impacts Your Life More Than You Might Expect

Financial stress could be impacting your life more than you think, so much so it could be giving you the symptoms of PTSD. Take a second and think about a time you’ve been stressed because of money. From small things, like that time you lost your wallet, to larger ones, like when a medical emergency

100 Best Credit Card Travel Tips

You don’t travel through 10 countries in six months without learning a thing or two about traveling smart with a credit card. In fact, here are 100 tips to make the most of your rewards miles and have a safe, smart trip. We’ve even broken it down into phases to help you step-by-step! Find the

Colonial Penn Life Insurance Review 2016

A life insurance policy is an essential part of ensuring your family members continue with the lifestyle to which they’re accustomed should you pass away, while also covering additional expenses such as funeral and medical bills. It’s important to have a policy that matches your requirements exactly, so many people use a life insurance comparison

Best Life Insurance Companies for 2016

A good life insurance policy is essential to provide financial security for your family in the event of your death, and as many as 132 million Americans already pay for coverage of some type, according to statistics published by LIMRA. With so many companies and products available, shopping for life insurance policies may seem daunting

Best Cheap Car Insurance in 2016

If you find yourself wondering how to get car insurance on a budget, you aren’t alone. Many drivers look for cheap car insurance quotes just to find themselves more confused than ever. From full coverage car insurance to basic policies, car insurance companies offer a diverse selection of coverage options. In general, the more coverage

Discover Personal Loan Review: Debt Consolidation

Whether you’re looking to consolidate debt or you need extra funds for a major event or a big purchase, Discover personal loans offer a convenient online application and simple upfront terms that provide flexibility to applicants with fair to good credit ratings. Discover also offers personal loans for weddings, vacations, major purchases, auto repairs, medical

What Is the Difference Between Copay & Coinsurance?

Copay and coinsurance are two popular forms of health care “cost sharing.” These common insurance plan features make you share in the cost of your health care decisions and, the theory goes, reduce the occurrence of needless procedures. By this logic, insurance companies hope that you make more careful decisions regarding which doctors to see

What Is Comprehensive and Collision Car Insurance?

Comprehensive and collision car insurance are forms of coverage that work together to protect your vehicle from most types of damage. Comprehensive car insurance applies to damage that doesn’t involve an accident or collision with another vehicle or object, while collision insurance covers repairs to your own vehicle following an impact with another car, fences,

USAA Insurance Review 2016

USAA has operated since 1922, when it opened its doors as a small, specialized organization started by 25 officers from the Army in San Antonio, Texas. Over the ensuing decades, USAA has continually grown, earning many accolades, including a spot on Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies list. In addition to its financial strength and stability,

State Farm Insurance Review 2016

Stellar customer service and widespread availability set State Farm apart from its competitors. This well-established insurance carrier was founded in 1922, and it provides more than 100 different types of insurance products and services. State Farm is also the largest property and casualty insurer in the United States, providing around 19% of all auto policies

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