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Fighting & Winning the Student Loan Debt Battle: How My Wife and I Paid Off $100,000

For years, my student loan debt freaked me out. My wife and I collectively had about $100,000 in student loan debt, the majority being mine at over $75,000. It’s not that I thought about it constantly (though it rarely left my mind) or that I had collectors pounding on my door (we paid our bills

Stay Calm: Payment Options If You Owe Money to the IRS This Tax Season

If dealing with the IRS makes you nervous, you are definitely not alone. They have so much power over our financial lives. The IRS is even scarier when you realize that you owe them money. A coworker of mine found out that he owed about $3,000 to the IRS. He didn’t have enough money to

Credit Sesame Report: 3 Credit Takeaways from Marco Rubio Supporters

Hot on the heels of the latest round of primaries, Senator Marco Rubio announced that he was pulling the plug on his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. While that’s bad news for his supporters, Credit Sesame was able to root out a silver lining, at least from a credit perspective. We recently polled 1,350

If You Struggle With These 3 Money Problems, You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Should Be

Good financial habits take time to develop, but the payoff is being able to sleep at night without worries over money giving you nightmares. If you haven’t polished up your financial skills yet, simple things like paying bills, saving money and improving your credit score could be a source of misery. Making the same mistakes

Research Shows Big Debts and Poor Credit Will Wreck Your Love Life

By Lynnette Khalfani-Cox When Clementine Lindley graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Liberal Studies, she was proud of her academic accomplishment – but also stressed out by her $95,000 in student loans. “I should have known what I was getting into,” Lindley, who is now 36, says. “But as an 18-year-old kid, what

Money-Saving Tax Moves We Need to Stop Talking About and Just Do

The main goal when filing your taxes each year is to pay the least amount of taxes possible. For many people the goal is not to have to pay any (or more) taxes at tax time and others have a goal of getting a refund. In fact, when we informally asked Credit Sesame readers recently

How Your Big Debts and Poor Credit Score Can Damage Your Career

Editor’s Note: If you have bad credit or big debts, your may be fretting over how you’ll repay those hefty credit cards or student loans. Or perhaps you fear that a spotty credit history will keep you from getting approved for a mortgage or another loan you need. Unfortunately, poor credit and excessive debt don’t

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