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Why My Zero-Down VA Mortgage Loan is the Nightmare That Never Ends

Homeownership is considered the American Dream, and my husband and I certainly subscribe to that camp. The U.S. government agrees too – so much so that special programs have been set in place to help active duty military personnel and veterans buy houses for themselves and their families. What is a VA home loan? A

Moving From Subprime to Prime Credit Means Getting More House For Your Money

A little extra room in a home-buying budget can be the difference between happy homeownership and frustrated fixer upper. Whether you put off the process to save more money for the down payment or trying your hand at negotiating down the sales price of the home, another way to rethink costs and save money is

How Much House Can You Get For $50,000, Around the World?

Over the last few years, the housing market has been on a steady rebound and 2016 is shaping up to be another great year. As of October 2015, home prices were up by 5.5% over the previous year and they’re set to continue climbing in most U.S. cities, with the West Coast seeing some of

What’s the Real Cost of a Millennial-Friendly ‘Farm House’?

Once upon a time, the American Dream centered on buying a comfortable home complete with a white picket fence in a quiet suburban neighborhood. While there are still plenty of first-time home buyers who are chasing that vision, many millennials are shaking things up in their approach. Quick Tip: Your mortgage approval depends on your

Can I Qualify For the Best Mortgage Rates While Still Paying Off My Student Loans?

Buying your own home can seem like an impossible dream when you’re still paying off student loans. After all, how could you possibly qualify for a mortgage if you’re already thousands of dollars in debt? The truth is having student loans won’t automatically block you from a home loan. It is possible to qualify for

Building Your Credit While Shopping for a Home? Here’s What You Need to Know

This is the story of how Zakia went from a clueless-about-credit college student to a savvy homeowner with a great mortgage rate. Zakia was uneducated about credit during her college years. “I just knew you had a number, 800 was excellent, and 500 was poor. I just knew the basics. I didn’t know things like,

What It’s Really Like to Buy One of Those Cheap $6,500 Houses in Detroit

When Justin Craig heard how much homes were selling for in Detroit, he knew he couldn’t pass up the opportunity. “It’s mind-boggling what your money buys here,” he says, pointing to homes with price tags of just $500. For many Americans who can barely scrape together a down payment on even a modestly priced home,

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