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How to Create a Family Roadmap About Money, Without Conflict

Talking with family members about money may seem like a sure way to invite trouble. Done right, the boardroom approach to managing family money can save frustration and heartache down the road. This approach takes the weight off the shoulders of a single person, and eliminates the stressful and often destructive panic that sets in

How to Pay for Car Repairs If You Don’t Have an Emergency Fund

It’s not rocket science to know that having money saved for a rainy day is smart. We love to encourage people to build an emergency savings fund to prepare for the unexpected. As The Atlantic recently featured, the reality for many people is that saving hundreds or thousands of dollars is a struggle. Expensive calamities

How Millennials Can Retire With $1 Million

As a millennial, I am often lectured to about the importance of saving for retirement strategies. I’m often told horror stories about people heading into retirement with little or no savings, who subsist on canned cat food and dry beans. It sounds like Chicken Little, yelling, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” But, these

How I Use Chase Sapphire Preferred to Travel the World

Hi, I’m Geoff Whitmore from, and I want to share with you how a normal guy like me has been able to travel the world in style with the help of miles and points. More specifically, I’m going to share how I’ve used transferable points, such as Chase’s Ultimate Rewards® points earned from Chase

Financial Literacy Moves to Make for Every Stage of Your Child’s Life

Money management skills are a gift that each of us can and should give our children. The benefits of that knowledge will last much longer than we will. The earlier a child learns great money habits, the better equipped he or she will be to avoid money problems down the road. Financial education is even

Charging $10K on a New Car Down Payment & Credit Card Insights to Boost Rewards

Have you ever heard of the billionaire who bought $170 million worth of art with his credit card in 2015, just to get the points? While the amount is obscene and a rare case, we’ve all heard of someone using their credit cards on big purchases just to get the bonus points. This is a

Credit Sesame Report: Millennials Don’t Think They’re ‘Entitled’ But Want Student Loans Easily Forgiven

The millennial generation is often maligned in the media as being spoiled, self-absorbed and lazy and public opinion seems to agree. In a 2014 Reason-Rupe poll, 65% of Americans said that “entitled” was a good way to describe 18 to 29-year-olds while 71% agreed that “selfish” was another fitting adjective. Millennials get so much bad

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