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American Homeowners’ Love-Hate Relationship With Their Homeowners Associations

If you live in a condo, coop or townhome, chances are that every month, in addition to your mortgage payment you write one extra check — to your homeowners association. HOAs provide many benefits to their communities, from maintaining common areas and amenities in or around properties to helping preserve property values (to an extent)… Read More

Social Media Security: Does Social Media Use Compromise the Security of Your Home?

Does your social media activity affect your home’s safety? The answer might be “Yes,” if you believe the results of a recent survey conducted among 50 ex-burglars in the United Kingdom.

Ghost-Proof Your House: 11 Ways the Superstitious Keep Evil Spirits at Bay

In this infographic, we look at 11 superstitions that affect how different cultures build and maintain their homes, from nailing a horseshoe above the door to skipping the 13th floor in high-rise buildings.

Should I Refinance My Mortgage? Here’s a New Way to Think About It

With the lowest mortgage rates in history now tempting anyone paying off a mortgage, many are asking the question, “Should I refinance?”

America’s Top Cities: Cheapest Real Estate in the World?

Even though many economists predict that housing prices may continue to fall, thus expressing a view that U.S. real estate is still overpriced, America’s top cities may still be among the cheapest real estate in the world.

Are American Homeowners Leaving Money On The Table?

Credit Sesame recently analyzed data from its user base and found out that, on average, homeowners who would qualify for a refinance based on their credit profiles, income and the equity in their homes, are foregoing thousands of dollars in savings over a 10-year period: from an average of $38,387 in Nevada to an average of $97,170 in New Jersey.

What Is a Short Sale?

If you’re one of the nearly 23% of homeowners whose properties now are worth less than the underlying mortgage loan and you find yourself in a situation where you have to move (a new job, perhaps, or because you can no longer afford the payments on this house and are hoping to downsize), the only… Read More