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Guard your credit against identity theft with free daily credit monitoring of your credit report!

  • Get real-time alerts when changes occur on your accounts
  • Easily detect and correct credit reporting errors
  • Receive notifications when accounts are opened in your name
  • Totally free, no credit card required
Get Free Credit Monitoring! No Credit Card Required!

Protect Your Financial Standing with Free Credit Monitoring!

You’ve worked hard to build your credit standing. But have you ever thought about what you can do to protect it? At Credit Sesame, we’ll provide you with your free credit monitoring, along with your free monthly credit score and personalized money-saving advice.

What is Credit Monitoring?

Your credit report can change daily, so credit monitoring tracks your credit report and notifies you when something changes. There are more than 35 different triggers for alerts, including balance changes, new accounts opened, late payments, derogatory comments, inquiries and bankruptcy.

Why is Credit Monitoring Important?

Staying on top of your credit standing and score can mean big savings over time, since credit scores often determine your access to loans, interest rates and monthly payments. By monitoring your credit, you can better manage your existing loans and improve your access to future loans.

What are Key Benefits of Monitoring Your Credit?

Credit monitoring can give you peace of mind and help you protect your financial standing. The service will notify you of balance changes and when new accounts are opened, which can help limit the impact of identity theft. If you receive an alert that contains incorrect information, contact the credit bureau immediately. This helps protect your credit score and ensure there are no surprises when you’re applying for a loan.
Need to Know
Credit Score
Your credit score is an important number that determines whether you are approved or rejected when applying for credit. If you do pass it can also impact the interest rate that you will face when you have to pay back the credit that you took. Credit scores can make your life easier by getting more breaks when it comes to purchasing or renting. It is a 3-digit number that is generated based on your credit report. It predicts the likelihood of your paying back your loans and other payments you own.
Credit Score Factors
Your credit score goes by several factors, for example, the FICO score takes a look at your payment history, amounts owed, lenght of credit history, new credit, and types of credit that you have used before and currently. Other agencies use their own algorithms to determine what your score is, and they have a different range as well.