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Get Your Credit Report & Free Credit Score

To improve your financial health, you must first understand your credit report and credit score. Credit Sesame provides you with a monthly free credit score and a free credit report summary, plus it gives you access to your credit report for a low, one-time fee of just $9. In 2003, a federal bill called the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (or the FACT Act) gave consumers the right to request their credit report annually from each of the three credit reporting agencies. Consumers can visit AnnualCreditReport.com and view free credit reports from TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.


Monitor Your Credit Report, Credit Score and Financial Health

You should review your credit report on a regular basis to check for inaccuracies and to have a strong understanding of your overall financial health. Pulling your credit report lets you see what lenders see before they approve you for a line of credit.


Government-Provided Free Credit Reports

Credit reports are free, but you can only pull them once a year, and they can be difficult to understand. Plus, the services do not offer free credit scores and often try to upsell consumers to purchase expensive credit monitoring packages.


Credit Sesame Can Help

Not only does our financial reporting tool provide you with simple, budget-friendly access to your credit report, but each month we’ll provide you with an absolutely free credit score. Even better? We’ll show you how you can improve your credit score and your creditworthiness. We’ll help you set up financial goals, provide expert advice and show you how you can save money, safely.

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