How Much Can You Save on Your New Mortgage?

Finding the right home loan has never been easier! Our expert market monitoring finds the top loan offers and rates personalized to your credit profile. You can view long-term savings instantly to see your best home loan option.

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Mortgage Loan Research Center

Finding the right loan is no easy task. With teaser mortgage interest rates and monthly savings across the web, how do you know if the mortgage rate you are applying for really fits with your credit profile and your budget? Credit Sesame’s analytics engine analyzes your credit history and debt picture against national lender mortgage rates to find you personalized mortgage offers for which you actually pre-qualify, suite your budget and are best matched with your financial goals.

Mortgage Types

When shopping for a mortgage loan, most people pay special attention to interest rates, but often neglect to carefully consider what type of mortgage loan best fits their needs.Fixed-rate mortgages are the most common type of mortgage. They’re best defined by having an interest rate and payment that doesn’t change for the life of the loan. An adjustable-rate or variable-rate mortgage is a loan with a note that has as interest rate that periodically adjusts to a new interest rate. An interest-only mortgage has an initial payment that includes only interest, with no principal reduction, for a specified period of time.

Mortgage by State

Mortgage rates can vary vastly from state to state. Getting the lowest mortgage rate is not always the best choice when selecting a home mortgage. With Credit Sesame, you can also get a visual view of which loans are best for you using our visual mortgage calculator.  

Mortgage Programs

Before purchasing a home, it’s important to consider all of your home mortgage loan options. There are many government-based and alternate mortgage loan programs that can help you to finance your next home purchase. Find out more about each of these programs and use our customized tool to find the right mortgage for you.