Progressive Insurance Review 2016

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Have you ever wanted a shot at using Flo’s Name Your Price tool? Progressive Insurance Company’s advertisements are on frequent rotation on many television channels, but you still might not be completely familiar with the company’s offerings. Read on to learn more about what Progressive provides and whether or not it’s the right type of insurance for you.

Progressive Auto Insurance

With numerous integrated discounts, including multi-car and safe driver discounts, Progressive’s website is the place to start when you’re shopping for car insurance. The car insurance estimator helps you decide exactly how much coverage you need based on your personal information to create a custom package with the right amount of coverage. Bundling other insurances, such as homeowners insurance along with your auto insurance, can save you 5% or more.

Shopping for the right car insurance is a challenge, especially because there are so many different factors that affect coverage and price. For example, your credit score can affect your rate. Additionally, marital status and gender are among the most heavily weighted factors that car insurers use to calculate a rate quote. Married couples are considered lower risk, while women pay less because they’re statistically safer drivers.

Age is one of the biggest factors in the price of auto insurance and in calculating your auto insurance quote, especially for drivers younger than 25 or older than 65. Auto insurance companies find that new, young and senior drivers are more likely to get into accidents. Review the following chart for a quick look at how annual Progressive car insurance rates break down:

DriverAverage Rate in California, as of August 2016
Unmarried man, age 31$712
Unmarried woman, age 31$692
Married couple, late 20s$912
Married couple, mid 60s$635

Price Comparisons: Progressive vs. GEICO and Allstate

GEICO is often held as a standard for drivers interested in saving money, but it doesn’t offer the full suite of insurance products that both Allstate and Progressive carry. Both GEICO and Allstate offer discounts that may rival Progressive’s offerings, but how do their rates stack up? In general, unmarried men who are 31 years old pay an average of $63 more annually with GEICO and $169 more per year with Allstate in California. Likewise, unmarried women, age 31, pay an average of $73 more with GEICO and $202 with Allstate. Both of the other insurers offer higher rates for married couples in their mid-60s: Allstate averages $726 annually and GEICO costs around $768.

How to Get Your Quote

Although the above chart gives you a reasonable idea of what you can expect to pay, getting a quote directly from Progressive provides a more exact auto insurance figure. Many factors affect the price of insurance premiums, including:

  • Local cost of living
  • Percentage of uninsured drivers in your state
  • Average annual hazardous weather conditions
  • Urban vs. rural drivers

When you’re evaluating your rates, keep potential discounts in mind. Progressive offers discounts such as:

  • Anti-theft devices
  • Mature Drivers Course
  • Multi-Car Policy
  • Multi-Policy Credit (bundling)
  • Persistency Credit
  • Snapshot Safe Drivers
  • Good Student
  • Away-at-School Student

Coverage for Motorcycles

Whether you have an existing auto policy or not, you can take advantage of Progressive motorcycle insurance, which provides replacement cost of your bike with no depreciation for parts. Additional options include total loss coverage for a bike that’s less than one model year old and coverage for personal belongings that are stolen or damaged. Progressive covers different types of bikes, including:

  • Sport motorcycles
  • Cruisers
  • Custom bikes
  • Mopeds
  • High-performance motorcycles
  • Scooters
  • Antique motorcycles

Progressive Home Insurance

Having home insurance is vital to protecting one of your most valuable assets. Progressive’s standard policies offer the following coverage:

Damage to the home and/or unattached buildings/structures, including sheds, garages and fences
Protection from financial loss associated with someone else’s property damage or injury
Medical payments:
Treatment for anyone who gets hurt on your property or certain injuries that happen away from home
Personal property:
Coverage for furniture, clothing and other contents of your home in case of theft, damage or destruction
Loss of use:
Provides money for living expenses if your home is unlivable during repairs
Earthquake damageNo*
Flood damageNo*

*Standard Progressive homeowners insurance policies don’t cover floods, earthquakes, war, windstorm damage, hail damage or nuclear accidents.

Progressive Renters Insurance

Just because you’re renting your home or apartment, doesn’t mean you don’t need protection. In all likelihood, your landlord’s insurance may cover the property but not your belongings. Progressive’s renters insurance pays for the replacement of your electronics, clothing and furniture. It also provides funds for you to stay in a hotel if you need to while repairs make your home habitable again.

Progressive Life Insurance

Life insurance options with Progressive Advantage provide coverage for as little as a $14 monthly fee. Choose from coverage options ranging from $50,000 to $1 million and options such as term life, permanent life and final expense insurance. If you’re wondering how to choose, consider the type of coverage you need and how much you’re able to pay for the premiums.

If you‘re looking for:Choose:
Low monthly payments with a large payoutTerm life
Lowest monthly payments with a payout large enough to cover funeral and burial expensesFinal expense
Guaranteed payout and the option to withdraw funds from the policyPermanent life

Progressive Health Insurance

Progressive also offers dental, vision and medical insurance for individuals and families through the Progressive Advantage Health Insurance Program. Choose from 13,000 different options from more than 180 carriers. This program can also help you figure out how the Affordable Care Act affects you, how much coverage you need, how to compare plans and when you should enroll.

Other Insurance Offered

With an A+ rating from A.M. Best and better-than-average scores from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, it’s easy to see why many people trust Progressive for their insurance needs. The company offers a large menu of options for insurance coverage on everything from homes, automobiles, motorcycles and condos to Progressive rental insurance, Progressive boat insurance and Progressive RV insurance. Add in life, health, travel, pet and Progressive business insurance and you really can consider this one-stop shopping.

Progressive Boat Insurance

With Progressive boat insurance, you receive coverage on all rivers and lakes in the United States and Canada along with the ocean waters located within 75 miles of the coast.

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