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Credit Sesame helps you navigate your credit score and suggests a credit strategy to help you reach your financial goals.
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How we help you achieve your financial goals

Access your credit score at anytime for free
Gain insights on what's impacting your score
Knowing your best loan options can save you money
See the big picture
Credit Sesame automatically pulls your credit information every month to show you your credit score for free. We'll also show you if you are overpaying on your loans and credit cards so you can take control of your finances with ease.
Get insights into your finances
We'll show you what's impacting your credit score and suggest a strategy that could improve it.
Each month you can track your score, loan payments, and interest rates to see what type of loans you qualify for. Our trending charts make it easy to see how you've improved.

How does Credit Sesame work?

Here's an overview of our business and what happens when you sign up.
You get your free score and credit report card
You have an overview of your credit score from TransUnion, along with a report card that gives you a grade on the factors that impact your score.
We give you a strategy
We show you the best next steps for you to take, based on your credit profile. We'll also make recommendations that could save you money.
We suggest better loans
Our approval odds model matches you with loans from our partners. We get paid when you apply through our site
Credit Sesame is 100% free!
We'll never ask you for your credit card information!

What our users are saying

Tony M.
"Everyone knows you need to pay off debt, but the difference is that Credit Sesame gives you strategies for doing that. They broke it all down in an understandable way. I thought, ok, I can follow this."
Sandra L.
"My credit score is now 773, up by 170 points! Improving my credit score has taken so much stress out of my life. I don't feel so vulnerable now, knowing I can get a loan if I need it."
Michael R.
"Other sites just show your score, and that's fine. But Credit Sesame suggests actual steps you can take to improve your score. And then, tracks your improvement. That's what I needed."
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