Pre-Qualification Program Terms

Pre-Qualification Program Terms

Last Updated September 11, 2020

The Credit Sesame Pre-qualification Program (the “Program”) is a personalized tool that matches you with pre-qualified offers from our participating partners (“Participating Partners”). By participating in the Program you agree to these terms and conditions (“Terms”). Please read these Terms carefully.

Participating Partners may vary. Credit Sesame will determine, in its sole discretion, the Participating Partners that may participate in the Program.

You are instructing Credit Sesame to share your information with Participating Partners. By participating in the Program, you are consenting to have your information shared with Participating Partners so they can pre-qualify you for personalized offers.

You are consenting to soft inquiries on your credit, which will not impact your credit score. This means you are authorizing Participating Partners to access your credit report information from one or more consumer credit reporting agencies (e.g. Equifax, Experian, or Transunion). Some Participating Partners may first use your information to determine if there are any previously matched offers available without pulling a new credit report, and if no offers are available, you are authorizing each Participating Partner to make a soft inquiry on your credit. These soft inquiries are used to match you with pre-qualified offers and will not impact your credit score, but understand that your consumer report record may indicate that a Participating Partner has made a promotional inquiry about you.

Offers are not guaranteed. The products offered by Participating Partners are subject to change at any time and pre-qualified offers are not guaranteed. If you are pre-qualified for any offers, please understand these pre-qualified offers will expire.

Approval is not guaranteed. It is important for you to understand that this is not a credit or loan application, and approval is not guaranteed. Even if you are pre-qualified for a product, you must still complete and submit an application with the Participating Partner. If you choose to apply with the Participating Partner for a pre-qualified offer you have received, the Participating Partner may run a hard inquiry on your credit, which could impact your credit score. Credit Sesame will not be able to provide justification to you for qualification or non-qualification for any particular credit card product.

You are consenting to receive communications from Credit Sesame. You understand that by participating in the Program you are agreeing to receive communications or notifications about pre-qualified offers from Credit Sesame.

Opting Out. If you no longer wish to participate in the Program, you can opt-out by visiting the “Notification Settings” tab of the “Profile” page in your Credit Sesame account. Please note this page is only accessible on web and not through the mobile app.