Credit Sesame Helps Qualified Consumers Obtain the Right Credit Card with Confidence

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Credit Sesame Helps Qualified Consumers Obtain the Right Credit Card with Confidence


New service offers qualified borrowers a way to identify and compare credit cards without impacting their credit score 

Mountain View, Calif. – February 28, 2017 – Credit Sesame, a leading financial wellness, consumer credit and personal finance company, announced the launch of a new service that pre-qualifies members for credit cards, saving them time and potentially their credit.

“Through integration with the pre-qualification technology from the Capital One developer platform, we’re providing a new way for qualified borrowers to apply for a credit card with confidence,” said Adrian Nazari, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Credit Sesame.

With this new service, Credit Sesame provides members with a sense of confidence in their credit card application process. The new service presents credit cards that are closely tied to consumers’ credit and financial profiles, which means it better aligns with their goals. When members log in and easily go through the pre-qualification tool, they will potentially see pre-qualified Capital One cards and apply with confidence.

CEO Nazari further highlighted, “Our new service leverages our advanced data and analytics to allow our members to quickly identify the Capital One cards they’re pre-qualified for. It brings more transparency to the consumer before they even start their credit card application process without impacting the their credit score. This provides an enhanced user experience and gets us closer to our commitment to connect our members to the right products at the right time, while simplifying and automating consumers’ credit and loan management.”

Credit Sesame employs robust analytics for more than nine million highly engaged members, providing them with unique credit, financial and goal-based profile data to perform pre-qualification. Members gain confidence and apply only for those credit cards for which they are most likely to be approved, with just a few clicks.

With today’s announcement and last year’s introduction of the revolutionary “SnapLoan” product, Credit Sesame now provides qualified borrowers with greater confidence in their credit card application process in addition to a frictionless loan application experience with “SnapLoan.”

“Credit Sesame has a vision to make credit and loans simple and automated,” said Jesse Levey, Credit Sesame Chief Operating Officer. “We are excited to have a partner like Capital One, whose platform has enabled us improve the experience for our customers.”

Credit Sesame is a leading financial wellness company focusing on simplifying and automating management of consumers’ credit and loans. Credit Sesame members get a free comprehensive analysis of their credit and debt, and receive personalized offers for credit cards, personal loans and mortgages. Members can also access their credit score and credit report card – all for free. Because of these top-notch services, Credit Sesame has the highest consumer engagement in the industry.

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