Press Release: Credit Sesame Launches Mobile Personal Finance App

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Press Release: Credit Sesame Launches Mobile Personal Finance App

Press Release

Credit Sesame Launches Mobile Personal Finance AppPersonal finance app gives consumers their free (no credit card needed) credit score, analysis and savings advice
to stay on top of their credit and loans on the go
First-ever mobile app to get your credit score absolutely for free

Sunnyvale, CA – December 14, 2011 – Today, Credit Sesame (www.creditsesame.com), the fast-growing personal finance website, announced the first-ever iphone app that gives consumers instant and free access to their credit score and bank level analytics to make smart credit, loan and mortgage decisions. Available for download in the iTunes store, the Credit Sesame app provides consumers with mobile, real-time information about their finances and the financial market so that consumers can make informed and smart credit and loan decisions on-the-go.

It only takes two minutes to sign-up without any paid subscription or monthly fee making it ideal for today’s demanding consumers—who want the info they want, when they want it, no strings attached.

“Eighty-four percent of the consumers we surveyed want to receive their credit scores on their mobile devices and seventy two percent want to get alerts” said Adrian Nazari, founder and CEO of Credit Sesame. “With the Credit Sesame free iPhone app, consumers can now get their credit score and critical financial information on-the-go whether they’re shopping for a home, wondering if they qualify for an in-store credit card, or renting an apartment. Real-time, mobile advice and recommendations will empower consumers to make smart financial decisions and produce significant savings as the market or their financial situation changes.”

According to recent reports by Aite, the financial industry analyst firm, consumer adoption of mobile banking has increased by 60% in 2011 and is anticipated to continue growing exponentially.i

The Credit Sesame app allows users to easily and securely access their credit score, manage their credit, mortgages and loans in one place, understand their financial footing, and save money by making smarter financial decisions, in real-time, based on personalized advice. Features include:

  • Access to your credit score on-the-go to make better informed decisions, such as whether you are likely to be approved for an in-store credit card without any negative impact.
  • See your complete financial picture no matter where you are: eg, your credit score, how much you owe, monthly credit card, mortgage, student loan and auto payments, home value, credit utilization ratio and other financial stats.
  • Updated monthly, so tracking your personal financial information is simple, with the help of easy-to-use trending graphics, too.
  • Daily monitoring of the mortgage and lending market and products, matched against your credit profile and financial goals so you never miss a chance to save.
  • No credit card required. The app is easy, simple and free, without membership fees or monthly charges.

Credit Sesame protects your account information with bank-level security practices approved by Verisign and McAfee. Users’ account and personal data is protected with a unique four-digit PIN and mobile access to your account can be easily deactivated from the CreditSesame.com profile page should a mobile phone ever be lost or stolen.

About Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame brings the power of bank analytics to you. It is a personal finance tool that provides a free credit score and the best options to refinance or restructure mortgages and loans and save money. With our powerful financial technology — comparable to what banks use to optimize profits on their lending products — you can see how lenders’ see you, understand how to improve your credit and know what options are truly available. Once you sign up, Credit Sesame proactively monitors market changes and your financial picture to deliver just in time alerts and product recommendations that are important to you and maximize your savings. We provide unbiased, personalized recommendations for savings so that you can get control of your finances, borrow smarter and monitor your credit and debt online.

For more information visit www.creditsesame.com and stay connected by following us on Twitter (@creditsesame), liking us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/creditsesame), and getting the latest expert tips from our personal finance blog.

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