Credit Sesame Launches Premium Services to Better Protect People’s Credit and Identity

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Credit Sesame Launches Premium Services to Better Protect People’s Credit and Identity

Industry’s First One-Stop-Shop for Consumers to Access, Monitor, and Analyze Credit, Improve Finances, and Safeguard Identity

Mountain View, CA March 11, 2014 — Credit Sesame, the leading consumer credit and personal finance company, that provides millions of consumers access to free credit scores, free credit monitoring, and better ways to save money and manage their finances, today announces the addition of its advanced credit and identity theft protection services, now available to help consumers further protect their credit and identity. With these new services, consumers can now access, monitor and analyze their credit, improve their financial standing and protect their identity all in one place. This is an industry first and a game changer for consumers.

“Credit Sesame is now the only website you need to access your credit information, get recommendations on how to save money, and protect your credit and identity,” says Adrian Nazari, Credit Sesame’s CEO and founder. “It takes the combined services of companies like Credit Karma, Bankrate, and Lifelock, and takes it to the next level, rolling them all into a single advanced solution. All of your data is connected, protected by bank-level security, and works seamlessly so you no longer need to share your personal and financial information with multiple companies. This is a game changer!”

Identity theft continues to be the number one consumer complaint filed with the FTC, topping the list in 2013 for the 14th consecutive year. According to the latest Javelin Strategy & Research Study, there was a new identity fraud victim every two seconds in 2013, with criminals stealing a total of $18 billion in the U.S.

“Data breaches and the security of consumers’ identifying information continues to be a problem,” says John Ulzheimer, credit expert for Credit Sesame. “Consider the recent, high profile data breach of Target, which is one of the largest thefts of personal data in history. Hackers are getting smarter and no matter how protective we are with our own information, we simply cannot trust that the places where we shop and the institutions with whom we do business are equally diligent.”

About Credit Sesame Advanced Credit and Identity Theft Protection Services

In addition to Credit Sesame’s free monthly credit score and credit report monitoring, the new Advanced Credit and Identity Theft Protection services provide enhanced protections for consumers to better monitor their credit and identity, including:

  • Unlimited Daily Credit Scores. Members can always access their latest credit score. Only at Credit Sesame.
  • Monthly Credit Report. Allows unlimited full credit report access to monitor details.
  • Fast Track Credit Dispute Resolution. Live representatives provide hands-on assistance with credit report disputes.
  • Stolen and Lost Wallet Protection via 24/7 Live Help. A certified identity theft specialist will assist in contacting financial institutions to cancel and reissue lost or stolen cards.
  • Fraud Resolution via 24/7 Live Help. A certified identity theft specialist will provide full-service assistance with identity restoration in the event the unthinkable happens.
  • Internet Identity Watch. Proactively monitors thousands of black market websites and millions of data points for malicious sources of stolen personal data and alerts members if their personal information is compromised.
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance*. A zero deductible insurance policy covers expenses related to identity theft up to $1 million. *Terms and conditions apply.
  • Public Records Monitoring. Monitors court records, payday loans, sex offender registries, and address changes for indications of stolen identity.
  • Social Security Monitoring. Provides a report of all names, aliases and addresses associated with a member’s Social Security number.

“Credit Sesame is committed to providing consumers with great tools and services, and today we’re taking that a step further by delivering an affordable, best-in-class credit and identity theft protection solution consumers can trust,” says Nazari.

To find out more about these services, please visit CreditSesame.com, or check out Credit Sesame’s mobile app — the #1 Credit and Identity Theft Protection App in the Apple App Store, and also available for download on Google Play for Android and Amazon for Kindle Fire.

About Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is the personal credit advocate and loan expert, helping people make smarter financial decisions to save money and live richly. From free credit scores and credit monitoring, to premium credit and identity theft protection, Credit Sesame is the only provider that gives consumers the tools they need to accessmonitor and analyze their credit, improve their financial standing and protect their identity — all in one place.

Credit Sesame’s proprietary savings recommendation engine, with bank-level analytics, monitors the market, runs thousands of scenarios and analyzes each individual’s financial profile, to identify the best loans and savings opportunities. Customers receive unbiased recommendations on home loans, auto loans, credit cards and other loans, customized for their personal financial situation. For more information, visit http://www.creditsesame.com.

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