Over One Million Consumers Enroll in Credit Sesame Free Identity Theft Protection Service

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Over One Million Consumers Enroll in Credit Sesame Free Identity Theft Protection Service

First Ever No Cost Identity Theft Protection Sees Rapid Adoption as Consumers Need to Defend Against Credit and Identity Theft, Including Recent Major Data Breaches

Mountain View, Calif. – June 19, 2014 – Credit Sesame, the only company that allows millions of consumers to access, monitor and manage their credit, improve their finances and protect their credit and identity all in one place for free, today announces that has it attracted over one million users to its no cost identity theft protection service in only two months – providing more than $50 billion in free identity theft protection coverage to date. Debuting in April 2014, Credit Sesame’s free identity theft protection provides a level of service never before offered to the public for free, along with multiple existing features like credit monitoring, free credit scores and personalized recommendations on ways to save money and better manage personal finances.

To get your free credit score, free credit monitoring and free identity protection through Credit Sesame, visit www.CreditSesame.com.

With major retailers like AT&T, Target, Neiman Marcus and eBay recently experiencing extensive data breaches, susceptibility to identity theft is at an all time high. The free identity theft protection service offered by Credit Sesame gives users immediate access to live identity restoration specialists in the event of an identity theft and is complete with $50,000 in identity theft insurance to protect against financial losses.

“Our free identity theft protection service is very timely considering that already this year there have been over 340 data breaches exposing well over nine million records and compromising the privacy of millions of Americans,” said Adrian Nazari, CEO of Credit Sesame. “Consumers have never been more vulnerable to identity theft so it’s incredibly important for people to monitor and protect their credit and identity — and we provide a seamless and free way to do so.”

In addition to free identity theft protection, Credit Sesame’s free service includes access to free credit scores and free credit monitoring with real-time alerts that track more than 40 potential triggers of identity theft, including any credit inquiries, fraudulent address changes, suspicious changes in account balances, changes in credit limits, red flags in public records and many more. Thanks to these alerts, Credit Sesame is able to inform users immediately about a potential identity theft and therefore help consumers put fraudulent activity to rest before it can cause more damage.

Credit Sesame is the first consumer credit and personal finance company to offer completely free identity theft protection for consumers. The service is accessible online via desktop and mobile devices. Consumers can sign up for the service in as little as 90 seconds. For more information visit CreditSesame.com, or check out the Credit Sesame mobile app — the #1 Credit and Identity Theft Protection App in the Apple App Store. Also available for download on Google Play for Android.

About Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is the personal credit advocate and loan expert, helping people make smarter financial decisions to save money and live richly. From free credit scores and credit monitoring, to premium credit and identity theft protection, Credit Sesame is the only provider that gives consumers the tools they need to access, monitor and analyze their credit, improve their financial standing and protect their identity — all in one place.

Credit Sesame uses a proprietary savings recommendation engine, with bank-level analytics, that monitors the market, runs thousands of scenarios and analyzes each individual’s financial profile to identify the best loans and savings opportunities. Customers receive unbiased recommendations on home loans, auto loans, credit cards and other loans, customized for their personal financial situation. For more information, visit http://www.creditsesame.com.

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