Sesame Guarantee Program Terms

Sesame Guarantee Program Terms

The Sesame Guarantee is only available on some credit card offers right now, and not all Credit Sesame members will see offers with the Sesame Guarantee. Look for the Sesame Guarantee badge to identify these offers.

When you see the Sesame Guarantee on a personalized credit card offer, it means that if you apply and are declined by the issuer for that credit card, you can receive a payment from Credit Sesame (“Sesame Guarantee”) if you meet the eligibility requirements listed below. The Sesame Guarantee is not a guarantee of approval for any credit card offer. Only the credit card issuer can make the decision to approve you for the card.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Not already have this card;
  • Not have recently applied or been declined for the same credit card;
  • Not have already been declined for an offer with the Sesame Guarantee in the last 90 calendar days;
  • Not have been declined because there is a credit freeze on your credit profile with any of the credit bureaus;
  • Fully complete an application for this credit card offer, including providing any documents required by the credit card issuer within the time period requested; and
  • Be declined by the credit card issuer; however, if you are declined because the issuer could not verify the information entered on your application, you will not be eligible.

By applying for this credit card offer, you agree the credit card issuer may share its credit decision with Credit Sesame, along with the reasons for declining your application, in order for us to fulfill the Sesame Guarantee.

You will receive an email notification from us if you are eligible for a Sesame Guarantee payment. In order to receive payment, you must be a current Credit Sesame member with a Sesame Cash account.
1 You must click the call to action (“CTA”) within that email communication to activate your reward. If you have a funded Sesame Cash account, we will put your Sesame Guarantee payment in your Sesame Cash account within 90 days of being declined, unless the account is closed or blocked at time of payout.

If you qualify for the Sesame Guarantee and you do not already have a funded Sesame Cash account, you may sign-up via the redemption email sent to you or directly from within your Credit Sesame account.

Credit Sesame reserves the right to modify, cancel, or limit this promotion at any time.

Credit Sesame calculates your approval odds by comparing your credit profile to other Credit Sesame members who were approved for this product. These approval odds are estimates only and do not guarantee approval. Lenders, credit card issuers, and other financial institutions use a variety of different types of credit scores and criteria to make credit and lending decisions. The TransUnion credit score we provide is based on the VantageScore 3.0 model and may not be the credit scoring model used by financial institutions presenting offers on our website

Sesame Cash is a prepaid debit card issued by Community Federal Savings Bank (CFSB).

Sesame Cash fees include a $9.99 monthly fee (“Monthly Fee”) and a $3 monthly inactivity fee (“Inactivity Fee”). However, we may waive these fees as follows: To qualify for the waiver of the Monthly Fee, you must either deposit $500 into your Sesame Cash account through direct deposit or spend $1,000 each month with your Sesame Cash account. Spending can be satisfied either through point of sale transactions or by using your Sesame Cash card to pay your bills. To qualify for the waiver of the Inactivity Fee, there must be money movement or a purchase made with your Sesame Cash account at least once within a 30-day rolling period. As a courtesy, we will not charge you the Monthly Fee or the Inactivity Fee within the first 30 days of account opening. Review the Sesame Cash Cardholder Agreement for the full fee schedule and additional details. International and out-of-network cash withdrawal fees apply. Third-party and cash deposit fees may also apply.