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Walmart® Credit Card Review

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The Walmart® Credit Card and Walmart® Mastercard® offers mentioned in this article have expired and are no longer available

Walmart® offers two credit cards. One is a regular store credit card, the Walmart® Credit Card and the other is a Walmart® Mastercard®. The Walmart® store card is like any other store card, meaning that it is only good for making purchases at Walmart® or one of its family stores, such as Sam’s Club®. The Walmart® Mastercard®, on the other hand, is a credit card that you can use wherever Mastercard® is accepted.

Walmart® Credit Card highlights

Rewards earned on purchases3% back on,
2% back on Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations
1% on other eligible purchases with the Walmart® Mastercard®, 1% on other eligible Walmart® purchases with the Walmart® Credit Card
(some exclusions apply)
Bonus OfferIf approved for a Walmart Credit Card online, you can save 20% up to $50 on your first online purchase made on the same day as the application. Offer ends June 14, 2017
Annual Fee$0

Walmart® Credit Card basics

walmart-credit-cardAnyone can apply for a Walmart® Credit Card, but we think they may be geared toward consumers who have average or limited credit. The Walmart® Mastercard® has more stringent credit requirements than the store card, so if you are interested in building or rebuilding your credit score, the store card is a good first step.

Both cards allow cardmembers to earn rewards through the 3-2-1 Save Rewards program. Cardmembers can earn:

  • 3 percent back on purchases made on Walmart®.com, which include purchases made on the Walmart® App
  • 2 percent back on fuel purchases made at either Walmart® or Murphy USA (excluding Murphy Express) gas stations
  • 1 percent back on other eligible purchases made at Walmart® locations with the Walmart® Credit Card. With the Walmart® Mastercard®, 1 percent back on other eligible purchases from Walmart locations and from any merchant that accepts Mastercard credit cards
  • Cash back is applied as a credit to your statement

Walmart® Credit Card pros

thumbsupConsumers with no credit or average credit may have a shot at qualifying for the Walmart® Credit  Card (the store card), so it may be an option for those looking to build or rebuild credit.

The bonus offer of 20 percent off online purchases made on the first day can be stacked with in-store sales for real savings.

We always like cards with no annual fee.

It can be hard to earn enough rewards on some fee cards to negate the cost of owning the card.

Walmart® Credit Card cons

thumbsdownYou may find that your credit limit is as low as $150. Some consumers complain that this limit doesn’t allow meaningful card use. The way to raise the credit limit is to use the card sparingly and pay it off in full each month. Patience and good financial behavior are key.

Interest rates on both cards run on the steep side. If you tend to carry a balance, look for a financing option that will allow you to pay down your debt at a lower cost.

Should you get this credit card?

While the Walmart® Credit Card certainly isn’t the most advantageous credit card for people with great credit, with responsible use by you, it could help you get back on track or build your credit if you are starting over or starting from scratch, keep in mind this version of the credit card can only be used for purchases at Walmart®  or one of it’s family of stores such as Sam’s Club®.

The Walmart® Mastercard®, on the other hand, is a credit card that can be used wherever Mastercard® is accepted.

If Walmart® is your place to shop the Walmart® Credit Card or the Walmart® Mastercard® could be just the ticket to get some nice cash back rewards.

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Published July 8, 2016
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Scott Owens•  August 7, 2016 Edit
Whatever anybody does please do not get credit one they are the biggest rip off ever they make it hard for you to make your payments they want your bank routing number and account number for payment or they take debit and charge you $9.95 fees each time and for some reason it takes forever to get a payment show up on your report and they max you out 100 percent if you're free is not paid in full if you do make the mistake and if I apply for the credit one instead of Capital One you will pay for it I've had the card for 4 months and I paid $159 in interest fees