10 Ways Finance Apps Deliver Great Customer Service

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Credit Sesame on whether finance apps can deliver great customer service.

Finance apps have risen to the occasion in a big way to offer outstanding customer service. You have more ways to flexibly and manage your money than ever before. Whether you’re checking your credit score, reviewing historical transactions or planning for a big purchase, these apps come to your aid in more ways than you may realize.

In honor of Customer Service Day on Jan. 17, 2023, here are 10 ways finance apps, including the Credit Sesame app, deliver great customer service.

1. Finance apps are available 24/7

If you have ever interacted with a human customer service agent over the phone or in a retail store, you know there are limits on when and what they can do. Customer service desks often aren’t open around the clock. By contrast, finance apps don’t have those constraints. Need to view your credit score quickly? Check. Have a pressing money question at midnight? Got you covered. Finance apps do not sleep and are always around to assist – assuming you keep your phone charged.

2. Often free or low-cost

Some financial institutions are notorious for charging fees for all kinds of things. You get a charge for paper statements sent in the mail. You get a ding for failing to hold a specific balance in an account. Lucky for you, there are plenty of finance apps to choose from. You can select from various free or low-cost apps and get the same service without having to visit a brick-and-mortar address.

3. Instant access to information

Fantastic customer service happens with a transparent exchange of information. You know what you need and ask for it. The customer service agent (or app) shares what they know to address your need best. Finance apps are like that, but the information is accessible whenever you need it. Rather than giving you everything you could ever want to know, finance apps serve up what you need, when you need it. Nothing more or less.

4. Easy-to-understand format

Money is hard enough to manage using cash and envelopes, much less complex spreadsheets and multi-page financial statements. Finance apps help you cut through the clutter. Often, they take all your money data and put it into visualizations you can understand and act on. For example, an investing app might show you how stocks within your portfolio perform. A budgeting app might show you how much you have available to spend for the rest of the month. The cliche “a picture’s worth a thousand words” is true when it comes to getting the money info you need, fast.

5. Permanent record of actions

Whether you’ve hit a savings goal, paid down a loan or successfully added new credit to your pocket, use your favorite finance app to mark the moment. Even if no one in your inner circle knows about your win, those apps always have the data that documents the moment. This is both useful and it gives you a sense of personal financial victory.

6. Keep money goals on track

You can use finance apps to benchmark how you’re doing with money. You may be able to set goals – such as saving for a house – and watch your cash pile up with every deposit. Rather than relying on your memory or a notebook on a shelf, put your money goals and dreams into your apps. This makes it easier to see how you’re doing. And if that dream house hits the market sooner than you thought, use those apps to update your goals to be more ambitious – getting you into that property faster.

7. Access to like-minded people

Some finance apps bring people around the world together. They remind us we’re not alone in the pursuit of money excellence. They provide a starting point for a conversation about money management habits. How did you hit that big goal? What features of the app do you find most helpful? What new apps have you discovered? If you’re headed to a social hour at work or a get-together with friends, keep those finance apps in your back pocket. You might discover you’re not the only one nerding out about those dollars and cents.

8. Provides financial facts

You won’t find spin on financial apps. You need the facts and nothing but the facts. On finance apps you get balances, deposits, withdrawals, credit histories and much more. Many news outlets and websites give you all the commentary you want about finances. Focus your energy on finance apps that can advance your personal situation. Leave those distractions behind.

9. Personal financial guides

Brains are funny not because they’re gifted comics but because they tend to forget. You don’t have to worry about that with a trusted finance app. These resources remember your information, update themselves regularly and keep you apprised of all the details you need to be an informed saver, buyer or investor.

10. Multi-purpose financial tools

There are many different types of finance apps. Some apps help you build a budget for work or home. Others manage your bank accounts straight on your phone. Some keep tabs on your credit report and credit score. Others offer free educational resources. Multiple finance apps in your toolbox ensure all your money activities are covered.

Finance apps provide abundant opportunities to get the customer service you need. Download the free Credit Sesame app to get access to your credit report and credit score, updated daily to deliver the credit insights you need. Enjoy the money-management journey, and take advantage of finance apps and the easy-to-access instant customer service they provide, whenever and wherever you need it.

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Nate Birt
Nate Birt is a personal finance writer with 15 years of experience as a journalist, business leader, and social impact executive. His company, Silver Maple Strategies, helps clients unlock the power of persuasive storytelling to capture imaginations and secure investment.

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