How to get your stimulus check and tax returns even faster

The latest on the stimulus checks

You could receive another stimulus check for $1400 very soon! We’ve outlined everything you need to know about the new stimulus, including who qualifies and how you can get your checks faster.

Want to get your stimulus check even faster? Here’s how!

Have you filed your 2020 taxes yet? Get your tax refund and your future stimulus checks even faster when you sign up for direct deposit into your Sesame Cash account. 

With Credit Sesame, you can get both your tax refund and your stimulus payment up to two days faster. That means you can start to pay bills and pay for necessities even sooner. 

When filing your 2020 taxes you’ll have the option to register for direct deposit to get your tax refund and future stimulus checks even faster! Simply connect your no-fee Sesame Cash account to make sure you get your money quickly—and up to two days sooner—with no waiting for paper checks or worrying about depositing them! 

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Finding your direct deposit information is easy. Simply log into the Credit Sesame app, hit the Cash ($) tab, then settings, and “direct deposit.”

Other ways to get your stimulus check

If you haven’t yet filed taxes for 2020, the IRS will deposit the payment into the bank account from your last tax return or send you a check in the mail. 

Eligible recipients who do not have a bank account on file with the IRS will receive a paper check or pre-paid card. This can take a lot longer to receive than direct deposit, so we recommend filing your 2021 tax return and updating your direct deposit information as soon as you can to receive your check faster. 

Who qualifies for the stimulus checks?

According to reports, the new stimulus checks would be based on the same income ranges as the previous payments. Full payments would go to:

  • Individuals with up to $75,000 in adjusted gross income
  • Heads of household with up to $112,500
  • Married couples who file jointly with up to $150,000

If you earn between $75,000 and $80,000 as an individual or $160,000 as a married couple, you will likely receive a smaller check. And those who earn more than $80,000 likely won’t receive any stimulus payment.

Additionally, one of the differences with this bill is that there is no age limit on dependents. So in addition to the individual qualifications, those with dependents (children or adults), could receive an additional $1400 per dependent. For example, a family with a child and adult dependent could receive $5600 as part of this stimulus. 

What else is included in the relief bill? 

Several previous relief programs are set to expire in March. The new relief package will likely extend some of them, while others will not be extended. 

Unemployment benefits: The expanded federal unemployment benefits are set to expire on March 14. This bill would extend the current program until the end of August to provide weekly payments for $300 to those that qualify.

Renter relief: The federal eviction moratorium is slated to end at the end of March, and can only be extended through a federal action.  

We’ll keep you updated!

Stay tuned for our stimulus check calculator and other updates, coming soon! 

We will continue to update this information as we learn more details. If you have any questions, please comment below or tag us on social media @creditsesame. 




This article is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on as financial advice.

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Published March 2, 2021 Updated: June 4, 2022
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Kenneth•  July 25, 2020 Edit
I need help i need the money. I love this ❤️ county i never lived through a pandemic
Jacqueline Ferguson•  July 25, 2020 Edit
I pray they approve the Hero’s Act. Things are economic bad for a lot of people including myself.
Victor Greco•  July 25, 2020 Edit
There should not be a decrease in the amount of the stimulus check, with all thats going on with this Pandemic and not being able to live life like it used to be there should be an increase in the stimulus check. Trump wants the economy to get better, How can it get better If americans don't have the money to spend, for food , and clothing , and most of all pay there bllls.
jeff•  August 12, 2020 Edit
This whole scamdemic is a total joke, all hyped up by the comunist news nutwork, come on sheeple more people have died from cancer worldwide this year way more that this hyped up scamdemic, poor little sheeple scared out of it lil brain,
Louis REYES•  August 16, 2020 Edit
Look I don't know about anyone else but as 4 me n my common law wife we need our second stimulus check so that her n I can her rent n I can pay mine. Thank you 4 ur time in this matter.
Julie A Harte•  December 25, 2020 Edit
Sending u and ur wife prayers everything has been so much harder...but it's going to b alright
wskeef•  December 24, 2020 Edit
They want us to close down our business's, stay off work, social distance ourselves, wear masks, keep the kids home from school, do online schooling which we'd have to be home to do, through no fault of our own, and then when it comes to helping out AMERICAN PEOPLE with a stimulus check, and additional unemployment benefits they argue and stall and stall and fill the bill with all kinds of Pork which has nothing to do with our problem! Why can't they just pass a Covid help bill that just goes to the American people because of this crisis, and NOTHING ELSE, When are they going to hold CHINA responsible for the terror they placed on our country/ the world? Why don't we deduct the amount this crisis cost's US from what we owe CHINA?? They Lied and withheld information at the very beginning of this whole crisis, they need to PAY for what they did! (I still believe it was all planned right from the get-go) << IMO! American People, hard-working people are losing everything they've worked for all their lives, all along while THEY all get paid, and quite well if I must say! Stop the Stalling, Write a damn bill on COVID only, Pass it, get the money in the hands of the American People First! Then you all can go back to bickering over what you each want!
Julia•  December 24, 2020 Edit
Don’t listen to CNN they are full of CRAP
Ernest Bates•  December 24, 2020 Edit
How will anyone not be eligible to get a stimulus?
Malinda Patterson•  December 24, 2020 Edit
How do you applie for the small business loan
Angela Mason•  December 24, 2020 Edit
I have not worked in three years will I be able to receive anything
Winnie Webster•  December 24, 2020 Edit
I haven’t received the first check
Pascuala Aguirre•  December 24, 2020 Edit
I didn't get a check last time
Truck driver•  December 24, 2020 Edit
I've been workin through it all and doin just fine I think if you don't work and haven't you should not get shit.if you're laid off or out of work fine you should get money.i think all of us thats been working all through this democratic bullshit should get zero taxes taken out of our checks.
charles peterson•  December 24, 2020 Edit
On ssi I'm disabled and never recieved a dime
Debbie•  December 24, 2020 Edit
No Protection for Private Homeowners, were struggling too!!!! Just got evicted out of our home on December 3, 2020 (my son and I) in the dead of winter, at Christmas, living in our car!! Thanks Oregon, for All your support! NOT!!
John•  December 24, 2020 Edit
What about retired persons living on S.S?
Johanna Kasayka•  December 24, 2020 Edit
When will we get our stimulus checks
Floyd Martin•  December 24, 2020 Edit
Thanks for information!
Matthew M Green•  December 24, 2020 Edit
I nolonger have the account the last stimulus was sent to what do I do?
Steve Borkowski•  December 24, 2020 Edit
More money for average Americans. WHY SNEAK IN A $25,000 RAISE FOR CONGRESS!? Why $$$$$ for Gender Studies in Pakistan??!!!! Don't they harbor terrorists who try to kill our people? The PORK in this bill should stay in America and GO TO AMERICANS WHO NEED IT!!
Angela Hager•  December 24, 2020 Edit
Thank you for notifying me of the new information on the stimulus plan and other assistance that may be available. I appreciate your time.
Katrina Pisey•  December 24, 2020 Edit
Should I sign up now for the stimulus check.
Marta LaRoccaPagan•  December 24, 2020 Edit
I have a new bank account then when they sent out our last stimulus checks how can i inout my new bank account info.
Tamara Casey Mays•  December 24, 2020 Edit
I also believe they should let those who had there's kept last time should get it. We have to live also ,
Beverly Holecek•  December 24, 2020 Edit
what happens if you still havent gotten the first stimulas check like me its still processing like my taxes still are i am unemployed now and have no $ how do i get my first one along with this one
James J Jones•  December 24, 2020 Edit
Sharon Davis•  December 25, 2020 Edit
So, will I EVER receive the first stimulus check? I was one of many California residents that received the letter saying to expect the check then didn’t receive it. When I called the IRS stimulus hotline the told me to go online, complete and print the lost check form and fax to them which I did. I waited the advised 6 weeks then called them again to learn that because I completed the form they TOLD me to complete, they had to investigate it but that they had since discovered that those checks had never been sent and that now I had to wait until the investigation was completed and then my check would be mailed. Nothing. Every time I call all these months later they tell me there is nothing they or I can do and I just have to wait. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. I understand that this time has been rough on everyone. However, it doesn’t seem right that now others will be getting a 2nd check when I never got the 1st one. Nobody seems to be willing or able to give me some direction on what I can do. $1200 is a lot of money to me and would sure go a very long way to help with my costs for necessities like food, rent, medication and my health care premiums. Thanks for any advice.
Colby Smith•  December 28, 2020 Edit
Go to the nearest Federal tax building, if open and file your claim then you'll get a resolution person assigned to your case, and that one person will be in charge of the investigation, versus talking to a different person every time you call.
quelinda benet moore•  December 25, 2020 Edit
Like many, I have 0 tolerance for any of this madness !! Secondly, these lawmakers, known as Congress and Senate House... spend thousands of dollars to maintain their lavish living lifestyle, while piissing away time to give the American peoples a measly $600.00 dollars to help with survival ???!!! ??They are so disconnected and detached from the people they are to represent!!! They don't have a clue !!!They have shaped our Country and polluted most of the American minds that we now suffer from codependence !!!
Johhathan Smith•  December 25, 2020 Edit
Hello I file for mines and it's said I was approved so please help me because I'm in need of cash for my kids and my wife plus food.
MACKENZIE RAE LAW•  December 25, 2020 Edit
Keep me updated please
Beth•  December 25, 2020 Edit
You talk about what (little) this does for Americans but why not talk about how much it is going to do for foreign countries and illegal immigrants??
Michael Barnes•  December 25, 2020 Edit
I have never received the first stimulus check, how would I get that now, or can I?
Karen Solomon•  December 25, 2020 Edit
Trump ought to be ashamed of himself knowing the economy situation/the Ppls..just another attempt to bully his way into Presidency ..you lost get over it and move forward..because all this nonsense is doing nothing for the country but causing more problems..I'll be so glad when Jan 20 gets here so we can finally have a real President
Colby Smith•  December 28, 2020 Edit
Good luck, if you think it's bad now, wait a few months after a new "president " begins running this economy into the ground cause he has little big business experience.
Anthony Wilson•  December 25, 2020 Edit
I received my tax refunds every year through my bank direct deposit. I recently changed banks 6 months ago. How can I update my information with the IRS so that I want have a delay with my stimulus if we get one.
ARNON BOYD•  December 25, 2020 Edit
As usual, you have decided to deceive the public. The President asked for MORE, $1200 per person, which you failed to mention. Shame on you!
Liberace Chatmon•  December 25, 2020 Edit
Everything happen for a reason. May be god allow things to happen in this nation, to wake people up, so they will learn to trust in him, and not to forget about him. The bill will be sign in time, god is still in charge of all things, even in people. Hold on ,have in god it is going to happen, and it will be right on time.
Clinton G Terpening•  December 25, 2020 Edit
I need this stimulus package to catch up on my rent and bills
JAMES•  December 25, 2020 Edit
I pray they don't take our money this time for child support
Paul Terry•  December 28, 2020 Edit
Right they took my whole $1,200 last year.
James Ramsey Jr•  December 25, 2020 Edit
I got laid off in March from a 12 year Job that is really rare so I took my savings and my unemployment checks and created RamRod and Company L.L.C. I thought if I could last on my own for the next six months I could get some Financial help. Well the time is here and the money is going to Lenders and creditors. I have applied for 3 of the 95 percent get start up funds. Well I got turned down because I don't make 15000 on a monthly bases. Well what this tells me that these guys really do not give a damn about the greenhorns unless u are in the middle class or higher. So now i'm broke, Going to school for a fading away company that can be amazingly profitable with help. The reason i don't make a big deposit every week is because I help the people. Poor, comfortable, or rich when my Handyman Company leaves we leave feeling good about what we did and the customers with a SMILE. SO please help my company PLEASE
Donna Kline•  December 25, 2020 Edit
I have full custody of my 2 grandsons. Will I get a check for them. Their mother is not here with them. What do I have to do.
Emmanuela Maglaire•  December 25, 2020 Edit
I'm so disappointed with America the way they handled the pandemic everything. We are to big of a state, we have enough money and we work to damn hard to be suffering because of your neglect as a President. I need help with rent and utilities bill. I'm scared of being homeless right now, it's really a shame.
David capuano•  December 25, 2020 Edit
Hey I never received my first stimulus check, I’m in a union I bleed red white an blue please send me my stimulus
Sandra J Tribe•  December 25, 2020 Edit
I am hoping to get this installment soon. I could really help me with some bad health issues.
charlie•  December 25, 2020 Edit
question: if someone owes taxes will they get a stimulus check???
Wanda Shivers•  December 25, 2020 Edit
I say keep the $600 It a slap in the face and stop sending tax payers money to other dam countries. It’s almost been a year and this dam virus is still killing people.We the people need to be paid now $24,000 in a lump sum for each person retro pay.
Lavika May•  December 25, 2020 Edit
This news is great for the people around the country but not for me because I can’t get my second check because my checking account has changed and I don’t know how to give them the new one if someone wants to help please do so .
Angel•  December 29, 2020 Edit
Contact the IRS (call them) and have them update your direct deposit information that is/was linked to your bank account. They’ll update their systems by putting in your new account information & your check will get deposited into your new account instead.
Paul Terry•  December 28, 2020 Edit
The child support inforce unit took my whole $1,200 stimulus check last year will they take this $600 too? What good is a stimulus check if you can't receive it cause child support takes it all before it gets in your hand.
Judy Heavrin•  December 28, 2020 Edit
still have not gotten the first check.Any help would be appreciated
Robert Phillips•  December 28, 2020 Edit
One thing I have never could understand how can I bust my butt for 13yrs on same job and I never told for any unemployment benefits or government help and the one time I need the government help. I get denied for pua benefits UI benefits and. Other help I could sign up for and someone who hasn't worked two months out a year qualify for pua benefits how does the government agencies gonna help people who have broken bones disabled and canot get a check do to I didn't. Lie to government agencies or faulsafied documents to receive the package while lazy people who claims that the work didn't I ain't saying names but how come I'm sitting here broke can't find a job can't afford to fix or buy me a vehicle to find work while people who got pua sitting around with no worries what 8s the world and government coming to when ohenst people are getting screwed