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Having good credit can open up more options when it comes to applying for a credit card. You may find features available to you such as low interest, 0% intro APR for balance transfers and other benefits and possibly even lower fees, such as annual membership fee, then are found on cards for people who are within a lower credit score range. If you are carrying a balance you may be interested in a card with a 0% introductory APR offer on balance transfers to help you pay off your balances without paying interest charges during the introductory period, or if you are looking to make large purchases then having a low interest credit card may help you keep your monthly payments lower. There are cards that carry no annual fee, which helps keep costs down. Not all cards have perks that may appeal to you or fit your needs, so you might decide to sacrifice a rewards program in order to get other perks such as a 0% intro APR balance transfer offer. If you are currently within the range of 640 to 719 then consider the credit cards that Credit Sesame features within the good credit score range. Just remember that each card issuer has their own criteria they follow to determine if you qualify for one of their cards. Having a credit score within a certain range does not guarantee you will be approved for the card you applied for, card issuers look at your credit score, credit history and other factors to determine if you qualify.

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Why choose a good credit credit card?
If you are currently within the good credit rating range then aim for the credit cards that are available at that credit range. You may find you have more benefits and perks available to you that may not come with cards that are in a credit rating that is below the good range. You could find cards in your range with perks such as a lower APR, potentially no or lower annual fees along with cash back or other rewards.
What is a good credit credit card?
A credit card that requires a good credit standing would fall under this category. The bottom line is you may have a larger range of cards available to you. You may find with good credit you are eligible for a card with perks and benefits and possibly even a mid range interest rate. You could view it as a reward for using your card responsibly for example by paying your balances in a timely manner.
What kind of card can I get?
If you achieve and maintain a good credit rating then you may be eligible for good credit cards in this category. Having a good credit rating generally means being within the 640 to 719 credit score range. You may find cards that come with a rewards program or that offer other perks and benefits such as a low or 0% introductory APR and other incentives that the credit scores that fall within the lower ranges may not carry. Keep in mind that card issuers look at more then your credit score to determine if you will be approved.
What are the pros & cons?
The upside to qualifying for a credit card geared for those who have good credit is that you may have the opportunity to receive some of the better benefits that a card has to offer. To start with you may find yourself with a $0 introductory balance transfer fee offer, which is quite rare, or a 0% introductory APR on balance transfers. On the downside not all the cards come with a rewards program and on-going APR could be higher than cards offered to those who have a higher credit score.

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Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card

The Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card is another card you may be interested in, you can earn a one-time $100 cash bonus after you spend $500 on purchases within 3 months of approval. The card also offers unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase you make. And to top it off there is a 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for 9 months; 13.49%-23.49% variable APR after that; a 3% fee applies to each balance transferred.

Customer Reviews

I began to re-establish my credit in Nov 2014 and got the Quicksilver MC with 0% APR until Oct. 2015. I was given a $2K CL. Just last week, that was increased to $7K, way before the date of June 2015 (that was the when I was notified via e-mail that I would find out whether my CL was increased). I called customer service and asked about getting getting their Quicksilver VISA card but with a lower APR (the original card I received I was stuck at the 22.9% APR–yikes). I applied through customer service on the phone and was approved for a $10K CL–in 24 hours, I went from a CL of $2K to that of $17K. Today Capital One e-mailed me that my APR is 17.9%–not the lowest but better than the 22.9 I will be paying in October 2015. The new card will be my “go to” one, i.e., monthly grocery bill ($300) and I’ll pay the full amount and carry a zero balance each month. To keep the higher APR card active, I use that for my monthly Netflix account and pay that $7.99 amount in full for a zero balance. This time next year I’ll find a new credit card with a lower APR (10.9%-12.9%) and ditch the 22.9% APR card. I’ll try to negotiate with Capital One for a lower APR on the 17.9 APR account and keep it. Hopefully, this will workout where I have 2 credit cards with $20K CL and low APRs (10.9%-12.9%). That will be more than enough for any emergency I might have.

This has been a really great card for our family. The online interface makes it very easy for us to track deposits, and our spending. It was also a nice feature to be able to ask for a credit increase and know instantly if it was granted! The Quicksilver cashback program is amazing as well. Everything we buy we get cashback, so that money can really add up fast. Its a great incentive and the card is so easy to use. It is definitely our go-to card.

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Related Credit Card Options

Best Secured Credit Cards

Having a secured credit is a sensible way to start working on establishing your credit history or to start rebuilding it. A secured card requires you to deposit your own money into an account, usually an interest bearing account, and that money is used for collateral towards the credit available to you. The credit limit on a secured card is usually a percentage of your total deposit amount. If you make on-time monthly payments and keep your balances low, after six months to a year you may be able to raise your credit limit or be eligible for an unsecured credit card.

Credit Cards for Excellent Credit

One of the benefits of having excellent credit means you may be eligible for the best credit cards on the market. Some of the perks that come with these types of credit cards are travel rewards, cash back, low introductory rates and possibly even no annual fee.

Best Cash Back Credit Cards

With a cash back rewards card you can earn cash back on your purchases when you use your card. You will find card issuers offer a variety of cash back programs some of which have bonus categories that change each quarter while others have a cap on earnings so it is best to shop around to find the one that best fits your needs.

Credit Cards for Fair Credit

Being at the fair credit range is great progress to make, with responsible use you could be on your way to improving your credit and being able to benefit from a card with rewards and other perks. There are also cards that may reward you for making payments on time. So do some shopping around for the best offer for you.

Best Prepaid Cards

If you are just starting out in the credit market or just want to have a card that works like a credit card but doesn’t have a credit line, then a prepaid card might be what you are looking for. You will be able to make online purchases, pay at stores that don’t accept debit, and much more. Just remember this is not a credit card.

Best Business Credit Cards

Running a business is already a tough job, so why make it tougher? Having a business credit card can help you track your expenses and separate them from your personal expenses. Business cards may offer quarterly or year end summaries, employee cards at no extra cost and some even offer experienced small business customer service. Not only that, but you may also get discounts for business type of expenses such as rental car and travel. Many business cards offer rewards, but they also tend to come with annual fees, some of which can be pretty hefty.

Help: Choosing the best good credit credit card

People who have good credit are typically those who have made their payments on time in the past or who have rebuilt their credit score from a weaker state. The best credit cards for good credit are those with the lowest variable APR possible. Of course, you will usually find the 0% introductory APR offer for the first 10 to 21 months of the policy. This means you won’t accumulate any interest charges on all purchases and balance transfers during this introductory period. Once the period expires, the variable APR will kick in. If you are doing balance transfers then there may still be a balance transfer fee of anywhere from 1% to 3%. Sometimes you will find a credit card policy that will waive the balance transfer fee during the first 60 days as long as you initiate one transfer within the first 24 days. If you are looking to get a credit card for the primary purpose of transferring your debt balances onto it, then pay attention to the terms of the balance transfer fees.
Credit cards for people with good credit will typically have lower variable APR after the introductory period than other credit cards. However, you may not be able to find that many rewards cards with lower APR because rewards cards generally have higher APR. So you need to consider if you care more about having a lower APR or having rewards points that you can use for gas purchases and other services. Typically, people with good credit won’t care so much about getting excellent credit as long as they have low APR on their credit card. If your credit score is between 640 and 719 then you are doing pretty well for yourself. As long as you continue to make your monthly payments on time, your credit score will keep going up over time. The only way to speed up the process would be to accumulate more debt on your card while still making the monthly payments on time. But it really isn’t necessary because good credit in this range will still impress creditors and loan officers at a bank, in case you need to get approved for more debt somewhere else. Just make sure you can manage whatever debt or credit limit you take out for yourself. The last thing you’ll want to do is have too much credit spent unless you are willing to pay the hefty interest charges in order to improve your credit score.
Many credit card plans will give you access to an online account that contains free credit management tools. These tools will allow you to check your FICO credit score every month. That way you will know if your credit score is improving or not. Chances are if you have been making your payments on time then you should see this score go up after about six months. You may even notice your credit limit increasing without your authorization. Don’t worry though because you don’t have to spend this credit if you don’t want to. It is only available when you need it and the interest charges will only apply to the credit that you do spend. On the flip side, if you don’t make your payments on time and your FICO credit score goes down, you may notice your credit limit going down as well. This could also happen if your credit score is affected for some other reason outside of the credit card account, so make sure you manage your debts everywhere or else you could see less credit and higher APR on your card. Look for the credit cards that have these credit management tools to help avoid this problem.
Another thing you’ll want to look for is the extra fees on top of everything else. The annual fee and foreign transaction fee are the two biggest ones to look out for. There is also a late fee in case you are late with your payments, but if you can avoid that then you won’t have to worry about this fee. As for the annual fee, try choosing a credit card plan that doesn’t have one. Since you have good credit, you should be able to find some low APR policies out there with no annual fee attached. That way you won’t have to worry about some $59 or $99 charge to pay every year. Now if you are someone who travels overseas and makes purchases in foreign countries, then you will definitely want to become familiar with the foreign transaction fees. The currency conversion rates can be as much as 3% of your purchase, so make sure you know this before getting your credit card. The credit cards with no foreign transaction fee are typically reserved for people with excellent credit. If you shop around then you may be able to find one if you have just good credit, but the APR might not be as low as you want it to be. Again, it all depends on your needs and current financial situation.

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