Press Release: Better Loan Resolution for 2011: Credit Sesame and Lending Club Partner to Save People Money

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Press Release: Better Loan Resolution for 2011: Credit Sesame and Lending Club Partner to Save People Money

Press Release


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Better Loan Resolution for 2011: Credit Sesame and Lending Club Partner to Save People Money
Low-Interest Personal Loans through Lending Club Now Available at CreditSesame.com

SUNNYVALE, Calif – Jan. 12, 2011 – Credit Sesame, a free online tool that provides the best way for consumers to save money on debt and loans, has added Lending Club, the world’s leading platform for investing in and obtaining personal loans, to its solution. Qualified Credit Sesame users can now see lower-interest, fixed-rate personal loans on Lending Club as an option for efficiently paying off current debts.Credit Sesame analytics allow people to better understand what personal loans through Lending Club can do for them and how those loans may save them the most money. As a result, they can borrow smarter, consolidate their higher interest loans and save, while getting out of debt faster!

Credit Sesame turns the tables in consumers’ favor using the same powerful financial analytics that banks use. Credit Sesame helps people get the best loans for their individual financial situation. Looking at a user’s existing debts, home loans and outstanding balances, Credit Sesame analyzes that complete picture and current lending products to match people to up to the three best solutions for their personal debt portfolios. Only six weeks since its public launch, Credit Sesame already manages $350 million in loans.

“At Credit Sesame our goal is to help consumers make smarter decisions about their loans and debt,” said Credit Sesame CEO Adrian Nazari. “Partnering with Lending Club allows us to offer our users a reputable and lower-rate loan option that can help them save money and take better control of their financial well-being.”

Rates on unsecured loans through Lending Club start at 6.78 percent APR for creditworthy borrowers, well below the average starting APR of 13.15 percent offered on credit cards to similar borrowers. This difference can mean hundreds or possibly even thousands of dollars in savings as people pay off their debt.

Lending Club uses the power of the Internet to connect investors with creditworthy borrowers. Without the costs and complexities associated with the traditional banking system, Lending Club is able to give borrowers better rates and investors better returns.

“Over 60% of our borrowers have taken advantage of lower-interest, fixed-rate loans offered by Lending Club to pay down or refinance higher interest debt,” said Scott Sanborn, Chief Marketing Officer of Lending Club. “We want to provide as many consumers as possible an alternative to racking up high-interest credit card debt. Credit Sesame’s expert-guided decision making process is an innovative way to help consumers restructure, consolidate and refinance debt. We’re honored to partner with a company that helps consumers take control of their credit.”

It only takes a few minutes to register for Credit Sesame’s easy-to-use personal finance tool. Once the user profile is complete, the solution looks at a user’s entire debt portfolio holistically – evaluating how their loans are doing by themselves, and how they could be working better together. It then creates 5,000 scenarios to find up to the best three solutions for each user.

About Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame (www.CreditSesame.com) is a free online personal finance tool that provides the best way for consumers to save money on loans and restructure debt. Our analytic engine automatically and securely reviews all of your debt, home loans, assets and available credit, then evaluates thousands of combinations of lending products to give you unbiased, personalized recommendations for savings. Once you sign up, Credit Sesame keeps working for you, delivering a free monthly credit score and instant alerts when better savings opportunities become available.

We put the power to make right decisions about your loans and debt into your hands – information that was previously available only to banks. To help consumers lower the cost of their debt, Credit Sesame uses the same kind of powerful financial technology that banks use to optimize profits on their lending products. From first login, CreditSesame.com saves the average homeowner up to $600 per month. For more information visit www.creditsesame.com or join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/creditsesame. You can also follow Credit Sesame on Twitter: www.twitter.com/creditsesame.

About Lending Club

Lending Club is an online platform that enables the issuance of and investment in consumer loans. Lending Club brings together investors and creditworthy borrowers — eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional bank lending — to offer borrowers better rates and investors better returns. Lending Club was recently recognized as one of the 20 “Breakthrough Ideas for 2009” by Harvard Business Review, has been nominated for “Top 100 Innovators” by The Industry Standard, is on the JMP Hot 100 list, and the Always On Global 250 Top Private Companies list. In addition Lending Club won the Webby Award in 2008 for the “Best Banking Website”. Founded in 2006, Lending Club is headquartered in Redwood City, CA. More information is available at: http://www.lendingclub.com.

Additional information about Lending Club is available in the prospectus for Lending Club’s notes, which can be obtained on Lending Club’s website at

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