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There is no better time to apply for a credit card. Everything from the easy application process to hot deals are happening right now. The whole application process can be done online and you can find the best deals before even signing up. The benefits of applying for a credit card online is that you will be able to easily compare and match yourself with your ideal card. You have many options to select from and once you have made a selection you can start the application process and going through the approval process. We have an advanced algorithm that will be able to recommend specific credit card options that will match your needs and most importantly your credit score history so that you are likely to be approved when applying through Credit Sesame.


Are you looking for a specialty credit card? Whether you’re looking for a business credit card to help you take your company to the next level, a secured credit card which with responsible use can be a tool to help you build your credit, or a 0% introductory APR credit card to help you take advantage of your excellent financial standing, our proprietary recommendations engine can match you with a credit card for you!


No matter your financial standing, our proprietary recommendations engine can help match you with a credit card for you! Once you find a credit card offer that meets your financial needs, simply click on the Apply Now button and submit a short credit card application. Credit Sesame analyzes your credit profile and information to help you find a card that is the best credit card for your financial standing. We feature credit cards from top providers and networks so you can pick a perfect credit card for you from our partners!

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I applied with a few different credit card companies over a few years, trying to get my first card. Discover was the only one to accept me, and I couldnt be more grateful. I compare with my friends and I always have the best benefits and bonuses. You get 1% back on EVERY purchase you make with this card, always 2% back on gas and resturaunts, and 5% back on rotating categories. For instance, this year July-September had 5% back on gas (I made over $50 in rewards just buying gas as I normally would!). They also have a network where you can get up to 20% cashback on online purchases at selected stores, it’s definitely worth browsing because there are hundreds of stores listed from 1-20% cash back. They were also very good about raising my limits since I got the card, I pay more than the minimum every month, and every few months theybump my limit 300-500 higher, it’s really a great card with a great company.


I applied this credit card in Feb 2014 and am very satisfied with it. If you never had your own credit card before (I had been the attached credit card holder to my husband for many years), discover it is the best one to start with. It was quite easy to get qualified. I was called and answered a few questions and got approved. The discover people are always nice, patient and friendly. In June, I requested an credit limit increase and I had the same pleasant experience via a phone call and the limit was increase. The cashback and shop discover are great, if you shop online frequently. Strongly recommend.


Discover It Card is my go-to card for everyday purchases. Normally you get 1% cashback on every purchase and 5% in the quarterly categories. Those categories include gas stations, amazon and department stores, furniture, and movie theaters. The huge advantage is when using ShopDiscover online; going through the portals for dozens of retailers yields cashback at higher levels, such as 5%, 10%, and even 15% at places like Sears and GNC. In addition, you can get your FICO score for free every month. Since I’ve had the card I’ve also continually had my credit line increased without asking. Everyone who shops online should have this card.


I’ve had the Discover IT card for over 2 years now, and I must say that it’s simply the best credit card I’ve ever had! The interest rate for this card is extremely low in comparison to others that I hold, namely the Capital One cards. Point rewards for the Discover IT card could be better, but the changing categories of point rewards make it a bit easier to deal with. Redeeming my points has never been an issue. Discover’s customer service representatives have always been prompt and attentive in resolving any issues I’ve had, which weren’t many at all. Overall, if you’re on the market for a new credit card, be sure to check out the Discover IT card.


How to get a credit card?

There are three ways you can apply for a credit card, which are the following: issued through a bank, a credit card company or a business affiliated with the credit card company. The affiliated credit cards are often ones that offer more rewards points on products and services sold by the company. For example, airlines and hotels are famous for issuing their own line of credit cards with the VISA or MasterCard logo on them. But the problem is they usually have higher interest rates, so the rewards will only be beneficial if you pay off your balance every month or travel quite frequently. Otherwise, you should just stick with traditional credit card companies and banks only.


To apply for a credit card, you can go down to the local branch of the company, call by phone, or visit their website on the internet. The easiest way will be to apply through their website. That way you can do everything in the comfort of your own home and clearly see the literature in front of you regarding the credit card policy and what is required of you. In many cases, you could get a determination online within a few minutes. It just depends on your current credit score and the financial information you entered on your application. But even if they don’t give you a determination right away, a specialist will review your application and will contact you either by phone or by mail to let you know if they require additional information to make a decision or whether you got approved or not. If you end up getting approved, the credit card will be mailed to you usually within a couple of weeks.

What should be your first credit card?

You may want your first credit card to have a small credit line and no annual fee to worry about. It may come with a 0% introductory APR, but remember after the introductory period you will end up with a higher variable APR. If you are just starting out and have limited or no credit history you may want to consider a secured credit card. Once you are approved you will be required to make a security deposit into an account with the card issuer which is used as collateral. The credit line for the card is based on either the amount of your deposit or a percentage of that amount. It doesn’t matter if it is $300 or $1,000 limit, the key is to get started, so you can build your credit history and with responsible use you may eventually be eligible for an unsecured card.

How to get a credit card with no credit?

When you look for credit cards and you have no personal credit history, your credit card options are going to be limited. You can either take out a secured credit card or you can get a cosigner for a traditional unsecured credit card. Cosigners for credit cards are basically joint applicants. Which means the cosigner will be using their social security number and other personal information to help get approval for the card. Individuals with no credit history sometimes use a joint applicant, like a parent or partner, who has established credit. Another option, as mentioned before, you can always apply for a secured credit card. Once approved you can slowly build credit history for yourself and by paying your balances on time and handling your account responsibly that may eventually get you trusted more by creditors. Secured credit cards usually take about six months of paying your monthly bills on time before the major credit bureaus will take notice, providing the card issuer reports your payments to the three major credit bureaus and how the report is flagged.

What are the best credit card deals?

To determine the best credit card for you depends on what your situation is and if you are looking for rewards or an introductory APR or a low interest rate. You can find cards with 0% introductory APR from 6 to 21 months or a low variable APR or a variety of rewards programs. You may want an offer that has no annual fee, and if you travel finding a card with no foreign transaction fee may be important to you or you may want a card that offers no penalty APR for late payments. Shopping around for rewards credit cards where you can earn cash back on purchases and points towards discounts on travel and other expenses, you just have to figure out which rewards will benefit you the most in comparison to the amount of credit you plan to use on the card. You may find that you will need excellent credit for a card that offers these benefits, just remember that having a credit score in a specific range does not guarantee you will be approved for the card you are interested in. Card issuers look at a variety of factors, including your credit score, when determining your eligibility for approval.

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