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Emergency Financial Help for Struggling Military Personnel

Military personnel have their financial ups and downs just like any other consumer. They may also face additional challenges. Some find that life’s hurdles are harder to clear by one spouse left to manage a household alone during the other’s deployment. Many young service members tackle the challenge of an ample paycheck coupled with lack

Links We Love: 7 Tax Return Screw-ups to Avoid

Taking a look at the best personal finance news, tips and advice from others on the web! This week we’re highlighting seven tax return screw-ups to avoid, 11 signs you might be broke, who should pay for the wedding (a logical guide to lavish spending), student loan debt (and how it’s keeping a lot of

10 Reasons the Anthem Data Breach Should Worry Us All

It’s only been a couple of weeks since the massive and devastating Anthem data breach, and already the first of what promises to be a barrage of lawsuits have begun. But that will hardly provide much comfort to the millions of us already left exposed in the wind by breaches like this. And if it

6 Ways to Pay Off Lingering Post-Holiday Credit Card Debt

Unfortunately, you’ve got more hanging around from the holidays than just a pesky five pounds and a brown evergreen wreath that you keep forgetting to take down from your front door. You went “a little” overboard buying gifts for people — and you have a mountain of credit card debt, along with a 14 percent interest rate,

Why the Anthem Data Breach Is a Life Sentence

It’s unusual that we can go more than a few months without the announcement of yet another data breach of some high profile company. That news alone is bad enough. What’s even worse, I believe, is that we are becoming desensitized to the severity of these breaches thanks to the frequency at which they’re occurring.

Big Data: He Knows What You’ve Been Buying (and He’s Not Santa)

When reports that healthcare providers and insurers track and analyze spending data surfaced last year, many people were shocked. Shocked because most of us don’t realize that personal data is constantly collected from many sources, with and without permission or knowledge. Shocked because we expect healthcare data to be protected by heavy-duty privacy laws. Using

Links We Love: Financially Smart Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Taking a look at the best personal finance news, tips and advice from others on the web! This week we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, and highlighting great reads on five financially smart ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, eight unique and offbeat Valentine’s Day date ideas that won’t break the bank, and for those that are thinking

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