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Super Bowl 2016 Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers: Which City Has Better Credit?

On Sunday, the happiness of two cities will rest on the shoulders of just a few guys on a field. Super Bowl 50 will pit Denver’s Broncos against Charlotte, North Carolina’s Carolina Panthers. But in Credit Sesame’s Super Bowl of Credit, it’s not just 11 on 11 players — the whole city gets to play.

5 Effortless Ways to Destroy Your Credit in Your 20s

Building good credit in your 20s will help you lay the foundation for your financial future, especially if you want to buy a car or a house. As with many things in life, building credit takes time — and if you have bad credit, it may take effort (remember to pay your bills on time!)

5 Novice Tax Mistakes You’re Still Making

Tax time is stressful for everyone, whether you file a 1040-EZ or a slew of forms with various acronyms. With the stress, panic and confusion, easily avoidable errors become major headaches. It may be too late to fix these mistakes for your current tax return, but you can learn how to avoid these problems next

Bank of America Secured Credit Card Review

A solid credit score can go a long way towards helping you qualify for loans and getting the best interest rates on what you borrow. Credit cards are an invaluable tool for building credit because they make it easy to establish a positive payment history, which carries the most weight in credit score calculations. If

Does Paying More Than the Minimum on My Bills Help My Credit?

The standard advice for building a better credit score is to pay your bills on time, keep balances low, leave old accounts open, avoid applying for new credit and maintain a healthy mix of credit products (in that order). We wanted to know if there was any trick a consumer might use to speed things

Tax Refund: 4 Great Ways for Millennials to Spend a Lump Sum

Tax season is upon us, and for many millennials it may mean a tax refund is coming their way. An extra chunk of change can help you to get a jump start on retirement, fatten up your emergency fund or even boost your credit score. If you’re a 20something, here are four smart ways to

The Best Bank of America Balance Transfer Credit Cards

One of the best credit card payoff strategies is to use a balance transfer credit card. These cards offer a 0% introductory interest rate during which you don’t need to pay any interest. The introductory periods can last for a year or even longer, buying you valuable interest-free time to pay off your debt. If

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