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The Secret to Smoother Holiday Travel

While generosity is at its peak around the holidays, this time of year also brings out the worst in people. For those of us traveling, there’s crowded airports, unexpected snowstorms, a sub-compact waiting for us at the rental counter instead of an SUV — the list goes on. But fortunately, one small piece of plastic

Top Five Ways to Protect Your Credit and Finances This Holiday Season

We’re just a few days away from Black Friday, a time when people seem to lose their minds and try their best to outspend the first 47 weeks of the year. This year will be no different as we’re projected to outspend last year’s holiday season. Still, there are ways to spend your hard earned

Credit Sesame’s Top Credit Card Picks for the Holiday Shopping Season

The busiest shopping season of the year kicks off this week with Black Friday, and for most of us that means spending more than we normally would on our credit cards at any other time throughout the year. But it also means rewards — credit card rewards— and potentially, lots of them. Used wisely, there

Buyer Beware: Black Friday Retail Buzzwords & Holiday Budget Killers

You know the drill. You get up hours before the crack of dawn or stay up all night on Thanksgiving despite eating all that tryptophan-laced turkey to head out and scour Black Friday sales. Catch phrases and wording like “limited supplies,” “while supplies last” and other creative wording that flash before your eyes while you’re

The Future Landscape of Identity Theft: Children and Seniors Are Prime Targets

In today’s information-based world, identity theft takes many forms. From mailbox raiding and dumpster diving to skimming, medical benefits fraud, social network hacking, corporate data breaches, student identity theft — there’s nearly no end to the number of ways a thief can steal your identity. Today’s identity thieves are smarter, faster and more dangerous than

Links We Love: Smart Tips to Take the Stress Out of Thanksgiving Travel

Taking a look at the best personal finance tips and advice from others around the web! This week, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, we’re highlighting smart tips to take the stress out of Thanksgiving travel, why that Black Friday sale might not be such a great deal after all, and ten DIY gifts you can make

Credit Sesame Wins Prestigious Mobile and App Design Award

We have more exciting news! Credit Sesame is continuing our winning streak with another award—this time we’re excited to announce that Credit Sesame is a winner of the 2014 U.S. Mobile and App Design Awards in the Financial and Information Tools category. The U.S. Mobile and App Design Awards highlight the best in mobile design