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How Do I Get Collections Removed From My Credit Reports?

When you default on a credit obligation the original creditor will try to collect it from you directly. After enough time has passed, they’ll grow tired and either consign the debt to a collection agency, or sell it to a debt buyer.  At this point you’ll likely start getting letters and phone calls from collection… Read More

Links We Love: Would Your Life Change If You Became a Millionaire Overnight?

Taking a look at the best personal finance news, tips and advice from others on the web! This week we’re highlighting a story about winning a windfall –how would your life change if you became a millionaire overnight?–as well as advice on how to tell your kids “no” when it comes to spending money, creative… Read More

What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Child From ID Theft

Both you and your spouse are diligent when it comes to protecting yourself against identity theft. You check your credit reports regularly and make sure there aren’t any suspicious charges on your credit cards after each billing cycle. It’s never occurred to you, however, that your son or daughter’s identity could be stolen. According to… Read More

10 Things We Need to Fix to Slow Down the March of Identity Theft

We’re now almost two decades into the epidemic of identity theft and things couldn’t be better. At least if you’re a thief. As identity theft becomes easier in many ways, and the payoff bigger, the chances of a thief being caught, prosecuted and doing time are slim to none. And that realization may be attracting… Read More

How to Choose Your First Credit Card

Getting your first credit card is simultaneously a sign and a test of maturity. An exciting feeling of financial power comes with that little piece of plastic on which your name is embossed. This rite of passage empowers consumers of all ages who decide to foray into the universe of credit. Educate yourself A credit… Read More

Why Do Southerners Have the Lowest Average Credit Scores?

Let me start by saying that I’m not thrilled to be writing this story.  As a resident of the state of Georgia since 1979, it pains me to have to be the one who points this out: people who live in southern cities have lower average credit scores than those who do not. Just how… Read More

New FICO Score Coming Soon to a Credit Bureau Near You

Today Fair Isaac, the company behind the FICO credit scoring system, announced the latest generation of their credit scoring software. The new suite of FICO scores, called FICO 9, is a standard redevelopment of their commonly used credit scoring models. FICO 9 models will become commercially available this fall and will assess collection accounts differently… Read More