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Why the Sony Hack Could Be a Game Changer for Us All

When Sony announced its most recent hack, the news was greeted with a lot a shrugging, yawning and here-we-go-agains. But maybe even more so this time because in the latest attack against the entertainment giant, we the people were not the target. So there was no trawling through hacker forums in search of kidnapped card

What You Can Do in 2015 to Reclaim Your Security, Privacy and Peace of Mind

The end of every year is the beginning of many rituals. We look back on what we’ve done and missed during the year that just went by so fast. We try to predict what’s going to happen next year, and we try to make promises to ourselves and to others that we really, truly, honestly

Links We Love: Everything You Need to Know About Giving Gift Cards

Taking a look at the best personal finance tips and advice from others around the web! This week we’re highlighting everything you need to know about giving gift cards, ways to shop for a cause this holiday season, the five steps necessary to master your personal finances, a 7-step plan to build your financial road map,

Social Engineering: 9 Ways to Keep Your Identity Safe

If you’re feeling a little paranoid about identity theft, your concerns are justified. You’re not being paranoid; these threats are real. A new generation of intruders and hackers stemming from megatrends like BYOD, mobility, cloud computing and Internet usage introduce consumers to a multitude of new risk.  These thieves are on the lookout for ways

Understanding Your Debt Collection Rights: What Debt Collectors Can and Cannot Do

Life has a way of throwing curve-balls when we least expect it. Whether it’s a job loss, a medical emergency, a divorce, etc., these catastrophic life events not only wreak havoc on our physical and emotional welling, but it can often have a drastic affect on our financial lives, causing many to struggle to pay

Your 2014 End of Year Credit Checklist

It’s the end of the year and you’re probably focused on Christmas shopping, New Years Eve plans, and where your family is going to stay when they’re in town visiting. But, among all of the holiday chaos it’s important to recognize that you may have a few more things to do before year’s end to

This Year, Why Not Give The Gift Of Peace Of Mind?

It’s that time of year again, and as millions of shoppers head off to the malls and the internet to begin the annual gifting ritual, lost in the scrum of the crowds will be a whole bunch of personal information, secrets and identities. And maybe even a few kids. Christmas has always been a busy