NBC’s The Titan Games competitor shares tips for burning calories, not money

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  • Courtney Roselle, fitness coach, business owner, and winning competitor on NBC’s The Titan Games, shares ways you can get a quality workout while saving money. 
  • You don’t need expensive equipment or a gym membership – you just need your body and some motivation. 
  • There are also plenty of free trials and programs available if you prefer a class setting. 

We’re all about your health, which includes your financial, your mental, and your physical. Fitness is where all three of these things tend to come together, so we chatted with Courtney Roselle, a competitor on the top-rated NBC’s The Titan Games to share some of her favorite tips for how you can burn those calories without burning your cash. 

There is a lot of debate about whether or not gyms should be considered essential businesses right now. There’s no arguing that getting your sweat on is a great way to stay healthy, but the truth is that you don’t necessarily need a gym and expensive equipment or memberships to make that happen. 

Check out these quick tips and fitness ideas from Courtney that can save you money without sacrificing a good sweat session. Please note that not all recommendations will be accessible or suitable for everyone. You know your body best, so pick whatever tips suit you and your health needs. 

Your body can be all the equipment you need

Body weight workouts can be insanely impactful. You don’t need a bunch of weights or a treadmill to get a great workout in. And there is a ton of variety you can do with burpees, pushups, situps, jumping jacks, air squats, lunges, planks—the list goes on. Here are a few different ways to spice up these movements: 

  • Tabata: Set a timer for 4 minutes. Do a movement for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds for 8 rounds. Aim to get the same number of reps each round. This is a great way to keep the intensity for a short time. You can do as many rounds as you’d like or alternate movements during each round. 
  • Chipper: This is exactly as it sounds—you chip away at a large number. So say you decide to do 100 air squats and 50 pushups. You’ll just work away at each movement until you reach the number, resting when you need to. Bonus: if you record your time, the next time you do this workout, try beating your time to see progress!
  • Do your own thing: Who says workouts need to have a specific plan? If the purpose is to move, just start moving around and doing some of your favorite movements! 

Find household objects to use as weights

If you prefer to work out with some extra resistance, you don’t need to scour the internet for weights to come back in stock. There are plenty of things around you that are great substitutes for traditional dumbbells and the like. Some things Courtney recommends: canned goods, laundry detergent, jugs of water, a backpack full of books. 

Go for a run

All you need is a pair of shoes! Running may seem boring, but there are also countless variations you can do here too: 

  • Run a set distance: Whether you run 1 mile or 10, it’s a workout! 
  • Run intervals: There are countless ways you can change up your running routine. For example, you can sprint for 30 seconds, walk for 30 seconds, and repeat. 
  • Incorporate body weight movements: Keep it interesting with a combination of running and some strength movements. For example, you can run for a half mile, then do 10 lunges or air squats, and then repeat. 

Borrow workouts from the pros

Do a quick online search for body weight workouts, and you’ll have access to countless workouts and videos from athletes and fitness trainers. There are also several fitness influencers on Instagram that post their own bodyweight workouts. Oftentimes, they will also share suggestions for scaling the workouts based on your fitness level. 

Look for free trials and online classes

Do you prefer the discipline and guidance of a class setting? No problem! There are plenty of gyms and fitness brands offering free online trials and classes. Some cable networks also offer fitness channels or workout sessions on demand as part of your TV package. So you may already be paying for some resources that are at your fingertips! 

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