Top 10 Side Hustles To Make Extra Money In 2023

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Credit Sesame with 10 side hustles to make extra money in 2023.

If you’re looking to build your income or save for something important in the New Year, this is a great time to find extra work. Not only can a side hustle earn you extra money, but it can also build your network, introduce you to new skills and give you valuable leadership experience for future higher-paying positions. Use the income you get to build your credit by paying bills on time and demonstrating your money management abilities.

In the past, many side hustles involved taking a low-paying job with a major local employer. Now, the internet, social media, and e-commerce let you write your own script. You can turn a hobby into a high-horsepower career or try a bunch of different gigs to see what works for you.

Curious on where to start? We’ve assembled the top 10 side hustles to make extra money in 2023.

1. Share your knowledge

Even if you’ve read just a handful of books on a topic, you’re more of an expert than most on the subject, author and podcaster Tim Ferriss says. Whether you have talent as a musician, a computer coder or an art teacher to young people, chances are good you know things others don’t. Consider signing up to teach a class at a local community center or athletic club. Don’t have the flexibility to work outside your home? Purchase a subscription to platforms such as Kajabi, Podia or Teachable to build and sell online classes.

2. Rent out a room

Many people enjoy earning passive income through rental property, whether you own a second house or an apartment. Others simply rent out a room in their existing home with a service such as Airbnb or Vrbo. Do a little research to understand the business model. Ensure your room(s) are available when travelers need them. Have a plan for cleaning, maintenance and upkeep. Think through the expenses and ongoing TLC your property will need. If the math checks out, this can be a great way to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per stay, minus fees and expenses.

3. Deliver food

Do you have a vehicle and flexibility in your schedule? Food delivery can earn you tips and great customer ratings — which is another way of saying job security. Mobile apps such as DoorDash, Postmates and Uber Eats hire side-hustle pros in the cities where they operate to get orders to customers on time with a smile. You can also create your own delivery service. Visit restaurants in your area that offer direct delivery and see if they can use help. You might even offer to deliver for businesses that aren’t yet bringing meals straight to customers’ doors.

4. Run errands

Plenty of people pay good money for the joy of not having to run around town picking up dry cleaning or groceries. Offer to help by signing up to work with one of the many delivery services. Among them are Instacart Shopper, Shipt Shopper and TaskRabbit. Perks often include tips, flexible schedules and invites to cool parties and get-togethers with other side-hustlers. Don’t have a vehicle? Some delivery services let you work for them inside of a big-box store near you, no car required.

5. Provide a ride for others

The rideshare economy is popular for people seeking a 2023 side hustle. Lyft and Uber are the longtime providers of these services and hire contractors year-round. Then there are emerging companies including Bird and Lime. Although they aren’t traditional car-based rideshare services, they hire people to pick up rentable scooters after customer use and bring them to a specified electric charging station.

6. Give your creative side an outlet

Enjoy writing? Love design? Have a knack for storytelling? You might love a side hustle sharing your creative talents with people and companies that need them. Job boards such as Indeed and Monster regularly post contract-based work you can do from home on your own computer. Meanwhile, freelancer-focused companies such as Fiverr and Upwork let you build a personal profile and bid on jobs to show prospective clients why you’re best. The gamification of the creative economy means you can do a great job, earn positive client ratings and command higher fees as you prove yourself.

7. Put out a shingle as a handyperson

Nearly every community needs talented lawn care providers, painters, plumbers, roofers – not to mention people to do a host of odd jobs. If there’s a trade you know, or a task you’ve helped people successfully complete in the past, this side hustle could be perfect. It can shrink your commute, let you run your own business and unlock a bunch of referrals for new work via word of mouth and social media. Consider printing business cards and posting them (with permission) on local businesses’ community bulletin boards. Include a short summary of the kind of work you do, your phone number and a good email. Place your information strategically at businesses that line up with the work you do. For example, if you install fences, you might place your card at a farm and home store. If you set up dishwashers, a local appliance store or home goods center could be ideal for referrals.

8. Turn a hobby into a job you enjoy

If you are a crafty person, this side hustle can be enjoyable and lucrative. Consider painting custom works of art or decorating blank notecards. Carve wood or create one-of-a-kind wallets or belts. Start a boutique quilt business or turn those home-grown goodies from your garden into value-added jams or breads. Let your imagination take you down rabbit holes. That passion project might be just the thing to brighten a future customer’s day.

9. Become a caretaker to people or pets

If you’re great with children or animals (yes, they’re two different things!), consider offering your services to provide care. This could look like posting a profile on Care.com or Sittercity to begin babysitting for children in people’s homes. You could also scout for opportunities to provide care to children at local businesses, such as athletic clubs where parents exercise. Other people need trusted pet caretakers. You could start a dog-walking service or kennel pets while their loved ones are on vacation. Do a great job for a handful of families, and you might quickly find yourself in high demand. After all: People don’t want just anyone looking after their little people and pets.

10. Buy and sell stuff

If you’re looking to immediately jump start a side hustle in 2023, tour your house or apartment. Look for items big and small you no longer need. Post descriptions plus photos or video of these items to your preferred website – such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace – and wait for people to contact you with interest in a purchase. If you want a steady stream of spending money, it’s a good idea to post things in batches of 5-10. On the other hand, if you need to earn a lot of money fast, look for big items. This might include gently used exercise equipment, vehicles or sporting goods. You’ll be surprised how quickly some things get snatched up.

Now it’s up to you. Get out there and have a great New Year. May side hustling bring happiness to you and your wallet.

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Nate Birt
Nate Birt is a personal finance writer with 15 years of experience as a journalist, business leader, and social impact executive. His company, Silver Maple Strategies, helps clients unlock the power of persuasive storytelling to capture imaginations and secure investment.

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