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Finding individuals the best credit cards for excellent credit from our partners is easy.  Browse through the list of credit cards based on different features and perks such as 0% introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on purchases, 0% introductory APR on balance transfers, rewards and some with no annual fee. Be sure to note that each card issuer has different criteria used to determine if you will be approved for their credit card, so having a credit score in a particular range is not a guarantee that you will be approved for the card or for the terms you applied for.

About Excellent Credit Credit Cards

Excellent Credit Options

To have excellent credit is like living on Easy Street. It’s like being a financial A-lister, a VIP who lenders typically extend the best loans, lower interest rates, attractive terms and rewards.
With an excellent credit score, you typically may have the pick of the litter for most credit cards of your choice, since card issuers can see that you have a positive credit history.
That doesn’t mean that every card is worth applying for. Individuals with excellent credit should still use as much discretion as anyone else when seeking out the right credit card for their own financial needs. And as we mentioned above that each card issuer has different criteria used to determine if you will be approved for their credit card, so having a credit score in a particular range is not a guarantee that you will be approved for the card or for the terms you applied for, so even with excellent credit history you are not a shoo-in.

What is Excellent Credit?

On the FICO credit scoring system, credit scores – a 3 digit numerical representation of your credit health – are broken down into several categories, these ranges are estimates and each issuer may have their own variation to what range fits into which grouping . Excellent credit: 750-850, Good credit: 700-749, Fair credit: 640-699, Bad credit: 300-639, No credit/New to credit: 0.

What Type of Credit Card Should I Seek?

Don’t sell yourself short if you have excellent credit. Consider applying for cards that offer some type of rewards, whether it’s cash back on purchases, travel points or miles, or introductory APR promotional offers that can reduce interest for a specific period of time, and increase the amount of dollars back into your pocket.

Maximizing Credit Card Rewards

Getting the most out of credit card rewards also means being selective as you go about comparing cards. The higher your credit score, the more attention one should pay to the advantages you’re getting out of the card(s) you apply for.
If you’re a retail maven, compare cards with generous cash back structures. Some cards offer unlimited cash back on all purchases up to a certain spending threshold; others impart higher cash back percentages according to various spending categories assigned by the card issuer. Experts recommend seeking out a credit card that gives back at least 1 percent in cash returns to make it – and your finances – worthwhile.
In the case of travel points and miles, do your due diligence by finding a co-branded card that links rewards directly to your preferred airline or hotel chain of choice. Or, research cards that allow you to transfer miles or points to another carrier, so your rewards haven’t been built up for nothing.
Building excellent credit didn’t come with racking up an unpaid balance. However, if you’re prone to carrying a balance on your card (from time to time, that is), look for credit cards that have low APRs. Keep in mind choosing a credit card that is right for you can be a big decision, so take your time and shop around. And, as you already know, but just a reminder make sure you keep your credit card spending within your means.

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