Credit Sesame Announces Revolutionary ‘SnapLoan’ Offering

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Credit Sesame Announces Revolutionary ‘SnapLoan’ Offering

Today, Credit Sesame announced its new “SnapLoan” product that will bring unprecedented accuracy, matching and ease to obtaining a consumer loan.  With over eight million highly engaged users, unique data about their credit, goals and financial profiles, and robust data analytics, Credit Sesame is well-positioned to lead the way toward “Lending 3.0.”  Much like Amazon’s “one click” purchase option, by leveraging significant data, automation and streamlining loan application steps, SnapLoan takes the friction away from obtaining a loan for qualified consumers.

“SnapLoan is a first-to-market platform that leverages our long-lasting relationship with our users, deeper integration with marketplace lenders and our proprietary data and analytics to bring unmatched efficiency and speed to marketplace lending,” says Adrian Nazari, founder and CEO, Credit Sesame.  “We are making it easy for our users to get the most relevant and accurate loan offers and approvals from marketplace lenders in a snap – with the click of a few buttons.”

Credit Sesame’s SnapLoan, currently in beta, brings unprecedented transparency in lending and allows Credit Sesame’s qualified customers to get accurate, real-time loan offers that are closely tied to consumers’ credit and financial profiles and better align with their goals. The platform tracks lending offers in real time to offer users loans faster and easier than ever before – while limiting the exposure of their financial information.

BorrowersFirst is the first marketplace leader to adopt Credit Sesame’s groundbreaking approach to obtaining a new loan. “We have been working with Credit Sesame closely to bring an advanced level of targeting precision, offer relevance and streamlined access to qualified customers – delivering on the real promise of online underwriting and origination advances,” says Dave Tomlinson, CEO, BorrowersFirst.

More information will be available today at Credit Sesame’s conference session, “Innovations for ‘Lending 3.0,’” at 4:30pm PDT at the LendIt conference.  See more about SnapLoan in this new video.

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