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Unpaid Work Around the World

Cooking, cleaning, walking the dog, childcare. Most of us have two options when it comes to those daily tasks: pay someone to do it or do it yourself, at the expense of your time. Then again, for many there isn’t a choice, whether it’s because they can’t afford to outsource that type of work or because it is part of their cultural setup. In the U.S., we spend an average 100 minutes a day on routine housework, while in Mexico the time spent is nearly double. How do other countries compare? Based on a report recently published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), we show you unpaid work by activity, as well as gender, for 29 countries.

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  2. NoSarah says:

    This is a very interesting study but I am concerned with your Information Visualization methods. In the unpaid work and gender difference graphic the proportions are not accurately represented by the AREAS of the squares. It appears they are correctly proportioned to the length of the squares, but the proportions do not stay true when the values are squared.

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