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Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card or Discover it®: Which is Better?

‘Tis the Black Friday season and, for holiday shoppers, the most wonderful time of the year to score the best deals. For those who carry a balance, the interest rate is generally a card’s greatest expense. The higher the interest rate, the more interest charges you could accrue. If you have some credit card debt,

11 Shameless Excuses Ever Told to Debt Collectors

The scene is all too familiar to millions of Americans: the phone rings… incessantly. Debt collectors are calling and they won’t stop. The reasons people fall into arrears are as many and varied as the items displayed on your favorite Chinese buffet. The bright side is that paid collections are not factored into credit scores

How I Earned an Extra $350 for Presents from My ‘Credit Card Santa’

The year after I graduated from college, I was broke. When the holidays rolled around however, I was prepared. My secret to crossing off everyone on my list was that I carried my own “Santa Claus” in my pocket. My credit card rewards covered almost all of my holiday spending. By strategically spending for the

4 Naughty Credit Card Behaviors: Why You Still Have a Low Credit Score

Are you constantly using your credit cards even though you know they are nearly up to their credit limits? Do you worry that you might not be able to pay even the minimum amount due when the bill comes but keep charging anyway? “Most people are completely unaware of underlying money beliefs formed during childhood

America’s Credit Card Debt is Still Out Of Control: Where Do You Stack Up?

If you’re carrying a credit card balance that just won’t go away, you’re not alone. We’ve analyzed 2015 data from Credit Sesame’s six million users and have noticed a few troubling trends when it comes to credit card debt and credit scores. It’s important to see how you match up against the averages in your

I’m a Credit Card Junkie: Here’s How I Avoid Getting Jipped in Social Settings

I use my Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card to pay for everything — yes, everything — in order to rack up points. Yesterday, for instance, I grabbed coffee with a friend and pulled out my plastic to buy a $1.50 cup of Joe. I avoid restaurants and gas stations that are “cash only,” and I’m

How My Rich Friends Teach Their Kids About Money

I knew family attitudes toward money fall along a wide spectrum. I didn’t know I would marry someone with nearly an opposite viewpoint to mine. I grew up prizing self-reliance. I worked 50-hour weeks, watched every dime and tried not to ask for help. My husband, meanwhile, accepted financial help gladly. He used gifts from

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