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Ways to Make Money During the Holidays & Beyond


Between wrapping paper and gifts, trees and lights, special food and drinks, the holidays can sometimes feel like money is just disappearing from the bank account.

It’s easy to give up, with an already too busy to breathe schedule, and just put it all on the credit card. However, if you don’t want to be looking at holiday debt when July rolls around, a part-time job can help mitigate the flow of green and put some money back in the account.

Here are five great part-time jobs that will not only make you some more money, but that you might also find you’re enjoying yourself while working.

1. Retail Store

If you are employed at a store you would normally shop at for the holidays, you will be pleased to know that you can get a sizable discount. Many retailers offer a standard 15-20 percent off to their employees (some are more, much more), in additional to any other store discounts. Also, you’ll be the  first to know when things go on sale. If that weren’t enough, stores will typically work around your schedule so you can fit it in to your existing work routine.

2. Freelance

Whether your skill is writing, taking photographs, or dog walking, this is the time to market your abilities. You may even find something that you want to keep doing year round.

3. Work Outside

Get a little exercise and work off that eggnog with an outdoor job. Depending on your region, that can mean window washing, landscaping, or working at a ski resort (you don’t necessarily need to know how to ski, but you do have to have some tolerance for the cold).

4. Tutor

This is typically a well-paying part-time gig, and with final exams right around the corner, there may be increased demand for tutors. Look into agencies like Kaplan, or you could branch out on your own, to tutor students trying to get their grades up.

5. Restaurants & Bars

Because of increased traffic over the holidays, restaurants are usually looking for some seasonal help. With waiting tables, you don’t need a lot of experience, but you do need to be prepared for big crowds. But remember, big crowds means lots of people tipping. And tips can pay off big. Bartending is even better in terms of tips, but you will need previous experience or someone to get you in the door.

Three jobs to avoid:


1. Telemarketing

This job is so emotionally draining, especially if you’re not into ripping off little old ladies, that a four-hour shift can feel like your own personal hell.

2. Network Marketing

No matter which one you go with–selling knives, jewelry, or vitamins–you will have to use your friends and family, and anyone else you run into for that matter. If you don’t mind making every personal relationship you have into a ploy for money, go for it. Otherwise, take a pass. (Also, there’s usually some up front money to “buy” into the business. If you recoup this, you’ll be one of the lucky ones.)

3. Roo shooter

One young man travelled to Australia looking for a cool holiday job… and ended up killing kangaroos. Epic fail.

Tell us about your best or worst holiday job.

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