Irene Shubladze

Irene Shubladze

Do You Fall for Bad Deals?

(source) The thing about bad deals is that they seem like deals. The “bad” part doesn’t become apparent until later on – usually when it’s too late to do anything about it. Especially during hard economic times, it’s tempting to jump at what looks like a chance to save money without crunching the numbers or

5 Ways “Going Green” Can Fatten Your Wallet

(source) Can going green earn you more green? You know, like more cash in your wallet? You betcha. There is no shortage of ways Americans can lead a cleaner, more energy-efficient, pollution-reducing existence. In the process you can save some decent bucks, making green living the ultimate doing well by doing good life experience. How

Creative Ways to Save on Gas

(Source) The price of crude oil has risen almost exponentially due to investors’ nervousness about the recent uprisings in the Middle East — and we’re certainly feeling it at the gas pump. According to CNN, the price of gas has been rising for nearly two weeks straight and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. AAA’s Daily

Credit Sesame Giveaway: Tell Us What You Think and Enter to Win $50 Cash Prize!

We know you’re still full of love coming off of Valentine’s day… and thought, why not ask you to share what you think of us?  Do you love Credit Sesame as much as you love your true love?  Maybe not, maybe there’s something holding you back that if we could improve you’d like us better.

What Was the Focus of the State of the Union?

Whether you found yourself applauding or cursing at your television or radio last night, it’s clear that the underlying tone of the President’s State of the Union address was optimistic, urging the nation to ‘step it up’ and progress on everything from creating jobs, to reducing the US national debt. Our nation’s leader seemed optimistic

Peer-To-Peer Lending: How Does it Work?

For all of the recent innovations in finance, consumer bank lending has remained pretty much unchanged – until now. Enter peer-to-peer (or P2P) lending. Unlike traditional lending (where borrowers apply for money from the bank itself) P2P lending connects borrowers with investors directly. Not only is it less bureaucratic, but P2P lenders claim it offers

Good Debt or Bad Debt – Which Do You Own?

That’s right, we said it – there is such a thing as Good Debt. If managed wisely, debt doesn’t always have to be a negative thing. Simply stated debt can be good when it produces a positive return or cash flow and bad when it does not. The following guide will help you differentiate the