Avoid Thrashing Your Credit Score During The Holidays

A solid credit score is one of the most powerful financial assets you can possess. But if you aren’t careful, the holidays can hurt your score.  Many consumers, anxious to please everyone on their gift list, end up making mistakes that haunt them all year long – and for many years to come. The good

Does Buying a House Make Sense?

It’s one of the oldest debates of all. Does buying a house make sense?  What about in today’s market?  In fact, the answer might surprise you. While buying a home is not automatically a great investment for everyone, the market is turning around. On December 6, Freddie Mac’s chief economist predicted that 2011 will be a year

Inflation and You: Looking at the Consumer Price Index Market Basket

Does it feel like your groceries are getting more expensive?   Well there’s a way to tell if they really are.  The Consumer Price Index (CPI) market basket measures more than just the food in your grocery basket to capture inflation.  It is developed from detailed monthly records kept by government officials who are hired

When Were Homes the Cheapest?

While gloom and doom about the housing market dominate the news, it may be overlooked that it might be a great time to buy. 64% of respondents say that they think it’s a good time to buy a house. Today, the average median house price is down almost 10% from its peak in 2007. Take

9 Ways to Find Deals and Avoid Overcharging Your Credit Card

Less than fifty percent of the world’s population is still using newspaper circulars for coupon savings. In the last five years, more and more shoppers have turned to the Internet to maximize their savings. How can you save even more? Follow our guide to finding the best deals online. Sign up for email alerts Go

Do Consumers Save More on Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sales?

The public gets amped up for shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday every year. Advertised for weeks in advance, these days are full-blown shopping events that hardcore consumers literally plan their late Novembers around. Given all the hype, many people wonder how much money consumers are actually saving from these sales. Although there’s

Types of Home Renovations That Need Approval

Ever wanted to add a shiny new addition or renovation to your house, but weren’t sure just what was and wasn’t permissible? Here’s a handy guide to understanding when and how certain household additions are approved (as well as tips for getting it done right, the first time): New Fence (Source) If you’re looking to

The Loan Modification Process and Helpful Tips To Get You Through It

(source) Millions of Americans are apparently missing out on a chance to save their homes – through loan modifications. According to a recent report from all 50 state attorney generals, about 60% of “seriously” delinquent homeowners aren’t seeking loan modifications. That could mean those homeowners joining a notorious club – one of the 11 million U.S. homes

How to Make Halloween Costumes Out of Your Past-Due Notices

The worst of recession has not completely gone away, no matter what the economists over at the National Bureau of Economic Research say. With our last inflated pennies going toward suspicious-looking “food” items off of the McDonald’s dollar menu, lotto tickets, and drugstore wine, it’s starting to seem like there will be no money left

Outlandish Real Estate Signs

Sometimes the only way for a Realtor to sell a property, or even their own services, is by being brutally honest, unusually witty, or just downright silly. The Realtors represented in the following shots of real estate signage seem to grasp this idea – even if the cheese factor is off the charts. But whether