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The Best Bank of America Balance Transfer Credit Cards

One of the best credit card payoff strategies is to use a balance transfer credit card. These cards offer a 0% introductory interest rate during which you don’t need to pay any interest. The introductory periods can last for a year or even longer, buying you valuable interest-free time to pay off your debt. If

Your Holiday Debt: Is It Worse Because of These 10 Popular Store Cards?

How’s your holiday hangover coming? After all the excitement of holiday gift-giving, now it’s a new year — time to reckon with December’s credit card statements. It’s time to assess the damage and figure out whether you can afford to pay off your balances in full, and, if not, where to start paying down that

The Best Credit Cards for Travel for 2016

Top Travel Cards by Credit Sesame Travel rewards cards are a convenience in more ways than one. Not only can they take the hassle out of paying for your next trip, but you can use them to earn valuable rewards every time you book a flight or make a hotel reservation. One thing to keep

10 Simple Tactics I Used to Save $18,000 for My 6-Month Dream Trip

When my husband, Andrew, and I got engaged, we knew two things for sure: We wanted to live debt-free and we wanted to travel. We were lucky enough to have parents on both sides who could contribute to the wedding. Between that and careful budgeting, we avoided wedding debt. Travel was a trickier matter. I

How to Move Your Credit Grade From a ‘C’ to ‘B’ in 2 Simple Steps

Credit scores are inversely proportional to our cost of living. Not only are more credit opportunities available to consumers with high scores, the terms are better. The higher your score, the less you’ll pay for credit. Does moving up from one category to the next really make much difference? Absolutely. Going from “good” to “excellent”

7 Myths About Personal Loans That Are Crucial to Know Before You Decide to Borrow Money

While a few financial pundits and a lot more grandparents warn mightily against incurring debt, the changing shape of finance today makes the personal loan a safe and even smart option in many situations. Recently, we published an article on how a personal loan can even brighten your financial picture. Five years ago and before,

Top 5 Burning Questions About Credit From Credit Sesame Members

Credit can be a tricky thing. Especially if your credit score is poor, or you have mistakes on your credit report that you’re trying to fix. If you’re resolving to beat debt and work on your credit, you’re on the right path. See what others are asking — here are the top questions our members

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