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The Pros and Cons of Cash-Back Credit Cards

While Jimmy Fallon has presented the pros and cons of joining Ello, dating Britney Spears, and watching Game of Thrones he’s yet to “weigh the good with the bad” when it comes to cash-back credit cards on The Tonight Show. But with the holidays rapidly approaching, you’re thinking that this type of plastic might be good… Read More

Links We Love: 12 Tiny Habits That Can Lead to Incredible Wealth

Taking a look at the best personal finance news, tips and advice from others around the web! This week we’re highlighting 12 tiny habits that can lead to incredible wealth, 5 voices to tune out when it comes to managing your finances, cheap (and clever!) ways to entertain your kids, 3 ways to prevent emotions… Read More

Starting Over With Credit Cards (After Botching It the First Time Around)

During your younger years, you used plastic—a lot. So much so that you decided to go cold turkey in order to get out of the mess you’d gotten yourself in. (As in, you had racked up so much credit card debt that you couldn’t even afford to make the minimum monthly payments.) After several rocky financial… Read More

Links We Love: 8 Ways to Save Money While Eating Out

Taking a look at the best personal finance news, tips and advice from others around the web! This week we’re highlighting how to save money while eating out, the best ways to spend the first ten minutes of your workday, emotions that can sabotage your finances,  financial tips for traveling abroad, five fixes for money… Read More

Should You Co-Sign for Your College Kid’s Credit Card?

There are numerous financial decisions to contemplate when sending a child to college. Beyond crunching numbers to find the best financial aid package and filing the dreaded FAFSA (free application for Federal student aid) you have to determine what meal plan you should purchase and whether or not you should rent or buy books. Parents… Read More

11 Reasons Your Credit Card Might Be Declined

Have you ever stood at the cash register and tried to make a purchase, only to have the clerk hand you your card back and explain apologetically that the transaction was declined? It happens. Despite the embarrassment and inconvenience, the rejection is really meant to protect your account, and to protect the card issuer from… Read More

Financial Basics Every Teen Needs to Know

Right now, driving your son to sports practices and games, hounding him to do his homework, and reminding him that despite being in his late teens, he does have a curfew dominates your daily schedule. But even with the jam-packed schedule, it’s vital that you take the time to talk dollars and cents with your… Read More