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America’s Credit Card Debt is Still Out Of Control: Where Do You Stack Up?

If you’re carrying a credit card balance that just won’t go away, you’re not alone. We’ve analyzed 2015 data from Credit Sesame’s six million users and have noticed a few troubling trends when it comes to credit card debt and credit scores. It’s important to see how you match up against the averages in your

I’m a Credit Card Junkie: Here’s How I Avoid Getting Jipped in Social Settings

I use my Marriott Rewards Premier credit card to pay for everything — yes, everything — in order to rack up points. Yesterday, for instance, I grabbed coffee with a friend and pulled out my plastic to buy a $1.50 cup of Joe. I avoid restaurants and gas stations that are “cash only,” and I’m

Can I Get Credit With a Bad Credit Score?

After being laid off and struggling financially, a Credit Sesame reader writes in for advice on getting credit and qualifying for a loan with a bad credit score. John Ulzheimer, credit expert for Credit Sesame, answers.

6 Signs You Should Switch Your Credit Card

Not all credit cards are keepers, but how do you know which ones to hold onto and which ones to send down the road? Follow these guidelines. 1. Big Annual Fee Is a big annual fee coming due soon on your card? This might be a good time to review the value of the card

The Pros and Cons of Cash-Back Credit Cards

While Jimmy Fallon has presented the pros and cons of joining Ello dating Britney Spears, and watching Game of Thrones he’s yet to “weigh the good with the bad” when it comes to cash-back credit cards on The Tonight Show. But with the holidays rapidly approaching, you’re thinking that this type of plastic might be good

6 Ways to Save More Money on Travel with Your Credit Cards

Traveling for business can be exhausting, but that doesn’t mean it should exhaust your wallet. Did you know that you can save money on your next business trip with your credit cards? Read on for our top tips on how to use your credit cards to the fullest while also reducing the cost of your

What’s the Difference Between Prepaid Cards and Secured Cards?

People often confuse prepaid cards with secured credit cards but depending on your reasons for opening one of these cards, the differences can mean making the right choice — or the wrong one.

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