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Help! I Just Got Married and My Spouse Is Drowning in Credit Card Debt!

On the first date, you talked about your likes and dislikes. During your second date, you shared your backgrounds and hopes for the future. And on the third, fourth, fifth and all subsequent outings, you spoke about every topic under the sun — except your finances. And unfortunately, it wasn’t until after you said “I… Read More

When It Pays to Make a Balance Transfer

In a perfect world, you’d pay your credit card bill in full each month. But, life happens — your basement floods, your daughter needs braces, your refrigerator dies — and before you know it, you’ve got a balance that you can’t pay off. Fast forward several years later, and you’re still carrying a revolving balance…. Read More

Upgrading From a Prepaid Debit Card to a Credit Card

The Suze Orman prepaid debit card was discontinued last week, effective July 1, 2014. Consumers that fell for the sales’ pitch and bought one of the cards are likely now in need of replacement plastic. This is a great time for you to consider re-joining the mainstream world of credit cards and begin enjoying the… Read More

6 Ways to Earn More Cash Back Rewards

When it comes to saving money, you have to be shrewd. In addition to clipping coupons, refinancing your home loan, and holding off on buying a new car, why not make your purchases work for you by scoring cash back whenever you shop? Most credit cards have cash back programs in place, but it’s easy… Read More

What’s the Best Way to Get Out of Credit Card Debt?

By now it should go without saying that being in credit card debt is like plugging a siphon into your bank account. In fact, credit card debt is likely the most expensive debt you’ll ever carry with an industry average 15 percent interest rate. So, what is the best way to get out of credit… Read More

Planning a Home Improvement Project? Use Credit to Maximize Your Savings (the Right Way)

As a family of five with two dogs, we are hard on our house. After living here for eight years, I can look around and think, “I’d really love to paint the house,” or, “This carpet looks gross” or, “What I wouldn’t give for a new dishwasher.” I could also think bigger and plan to… Read More

4 Ways to Build Credit from Scratch

There are three types of consumers as it pertains to credit reports: those who want to build a credit report, those who want to rebuild a credit report and those who want to maintain an already impressive credit report. Building credit is not the same as rebuilding or maintaining credit, and the strategies for each… Read More