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My Secret Weapon for Building Credit in My 20s

I’m pretty savvy about credit these days, but it wasn’t always that way. In my 20s, I barely had a score to speak of and I knew that I needed to turn it around if I was ever going to be able to get a car loan or a mortgage. Credit cards had never held

3 Credit Mistakes That Are Costing Baby Boomers an Easier Retirement

Get an education, work hard for 40-plus years and then spend the rest of your days enjoying retired life. That’s the mantra that a lot of Baby Boomers grew up with, but it’s not quite that easy these days. Hard work doesn’t equal a fat 401(k) and bad credit may mean uber-high interest rates on your maxed

Super Bowl 2016 Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers: Which City Has Better Credit?

On Sunday, the happiness of two cities will rest on the shoulders of just a few guys on a field. Super Bowl 50 will pit Denver’s Broncos against Charlotte, North Carolina’s Carolina Panthers. But in Credit Sesame’s Super Bowl of Credit, it’s not just 11 on 11 players — the whole city gets to play.

5 Effortless Ways to Destroy Your Credit in Your 20s

Building good credit in your 20s will help you lay the foundation for your financial future, especially if you want to buy a car or a house. As with many things in life, building credit takes time — and if you have bad credit, it may take effort (remember to pay your bills on time!)

Does Paying More Than the Minimum on My Bills Help My Credit?

The standard advice for building a better credit score is to pay your bills on time, keep balances low, leave old accounts open, avoid applying for new credit and maintain a healthy mix of credit products (in that order). We wanted to know if there was any trick a consumer might use to speed things

Is Personal Credit Repair a Scam or What? 4 Red Flags to Watch Out For

At Credit Sesame, our mission is to help consumers understand, manage and improve their credit. We engage and inform via our blog, personal emails, and our social media channels. Today we have 7 million (yes, million!) members, and we’re still growing. We get to help many people every day. Unfortunately, we also come across credit

How Often Should Your Credit Score Change?

‘How often does my credit score change?’ This is a question I often hear from consumers who are watching their credit scores (especially when working to improve their scores) and are concerned about fluctuations they notice. The short answer is that credit scores are fluid and susceptible to change day by day, or even hour

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