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Does Your Age Influence Your Credit Scores?

When we think about credit scores and credit scoring we tend to gravitate toward the areas of the scoring system over which we have control. We can choose to make our payments on time. We can choose to not have a lot of credit card debt. And we can choose to apply for credit only… Read More

Can Freezing My Credit Prevent Identity Theft?

Identity theft is one of the most common and costly crimes in America, expected to become the number one property crime in the near future. Some estimates peg the total price tag at about $100 billion each year, just in the U.S. Even though most victims are merely inconvenienced by the need to cancel and… Read More

Upgrading From a Prepaid Debit Card to a Credit Card

The Suze Orman prepaid debit card was discontinued last week, effective July 1, 2014. Consumers that fell for the sales’ pitch and bought one of the cards are likely now in need of replacement plastic. This is a great time for you to consider re-joining the mainstream world of credit cards and begin enjoying the… Read More

Is Credit Counseling Right for You?

Whether you want to improve your credit score or pay off a mountain of debt, you might benefit from meeting with a credit counselor. Credit Sesame recently talked to Thomas Nitzsche, a certified financial educator and senior media relations coordinator at ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions, about the process. How does credit counseling work? During your… Read More

How to Check Your Child’s Credit Report

I’ve just obtained my 4-year old’s first passport, complete with adorable photo. We’re planning a family vacation in Nova Scotia, Canada this fall to enjoy the changing colors and attend a Celtic music festival. We’ll also visit a working farm where she’ll help milk a cow and churn butter. But while I plan our hikes… Read More

What’s the Best Way to Get Out of Credit Card Debt?

By now it should go without saying that being in credit card debt is like plugging a siphon into your bank account. In fact, credit card debt is likely the most expensive debt you’ll ever carry with an industry average 15 percent interest rate. So, what is the best way to get out of credit… Read More

5 Minutes to a Safer Identity

It’s summer. Time to relax and grab a beach read while sipping an umbrella-bedecked lemonade —or perhaps something stronger?!—not scrambling to notify banks, canceling credit cards and placing credit freezes on your credit reports because you’ve been the victim of identity theft. That doesn’t have to be the case, nor do you have to spend… Read More