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5 Things You Don’t Know About Credit Scores

When it comes to the world of consumer credit, not all things are as obvious and intuitive as you may believe. This is even more evident when it comes to the world of credit scoring. Here are five things you may not know about credit scores.

Getting Out of Debt: The Pros & Cons of Debt Settlement

If you are swimming in debt, you’re bound to start looking for a way out. Many people see debt settlement –an option that advertises to help you pay off your debt for much less than what you owe– as a way out of their financial woes. However, the truth isn’t quite as simple as all that. Debt settlement isn’t without pitfalls and consequences — and it isn’t for everyone.

5 Credit Tips for Recent College Grads

For recent graduates, the end of college means a wave of new challenges and new experiences. While new grads may be focused on more pressing issues—like resumes and landing that dream job—it’s important to pay particular attention to personal finances in this transitional time. Building a strong credit history takes time, diligence and discipline. Mistakes

Links We Love: Can Money Buy Happiness?

Taking a look at the best personal finance news, tips and advice from others on the web! This week we’re taking a closer look at the economics of happiness by asking the age-old question: can money buy happiness? Plus, how to achieve your dream vacation faster with smart savings — and more!

Why You Need to Check All Three of Your Credit Reports Before Applying for a Mortgage

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to buy a home, or refinance your existing mortgage. Either way, it’s an exciting time filled with burdensome requests from your mortgage broker or mortgage lender. Two copies of this, three copies of that and pretty soon you’ve got about two inches of paperwork. Indeed, applying for a mortgage loan is

Best Credit Cards for Average or Building Credit in 2015

If you have average or fair credit—a credit card can be a great tool for building credit. Simply getting a credit card won’t automatically help you build credit, however. The key to building good credit is to manage the card responsibly by keeping the balance to a minimum and paying the bill on time and in full every single month. If building credit is your goal, consider one of our top picks for best credit cards for building credit below.

Best Balance Transfer Cards, Summer 2015

If you’re still carrying high interest balances from the holidays, or worse, last summer’s travel — a 0% balance transfer can give you the relief you need to pay off those pesky balances without high interest fees eating into your monthly payments. Here are some of the best balance transfer cards running this summer.

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