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How Much House Can You Buy With $250,000; $500,000; $1 million?

Real estate prices have long been a popular topic at parties, around water coolers, on news shows: bring up the cost of a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan or a waterfront house in Fort Lauderdale, and a heated discussion is bound to ensue. Regardless of the direction of home prices — and the current bleak truth is we’re back to 2002 levels — the fact is that where you’re buying has as big an effect on how big of a home you can afford as your housing budget itself. Median prices range from just $50 per square foot to nearly $400 throughout the country, depending on where you look. (And as anyone can tell you, in certain swanky zip codes, paying $1,000 per square foot or more is more like it.)

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So how much house can you buy? To give you an idea, we created this interactive infographic, based on median property values in 63 metro areas in the U.S. Follow the directions below and find out how many square feet you can buy for $250,000, $500,000 and $1 million.

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