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This Week in Money Management: Pull Out the Plastic


Few things in personal finance provoke stronger and more mixed feelings than credit cards. We love the convenience and rewards — we hate and fear the risk of overspending and burying ourselves in debt. In this week’s money management roundup, we examine credit cards, frugality, coping with gas prices, and more.

1. With more than 24 Visa cards alone and a credit limit exceeding $300,000 the credit card king tests the maxim that “More is better.” MarketWatch takes a glimpse inside a life paid for with plastic.

2. Can using a credit card save you money? That’s the question Master the Art of Saving is asking.

3. Is there a difference between being frugal and cheap? Yakezie banters semantics and looks at how to live life to the fullest without paying full price.

4. With gas prices almost a dollar higher than they were last year, it may be time to look into a more fuel efficient car, and 20 Something Finance breaks down the top cars for 2011.

5. Some are biking more, walking more, and driving less, but others don’t have a choice to drive less. The Wall Street Journal looks at how they have been coping with gas prices.

6. Drive a car? Wisebread has six sites every car owner needs to bookmark to ensure that they don’t overspend on their vehicle.

7. Will working past 65 kill you? Five Cent Nickel tracks how working literally sucks the life out of you.

8. Happy (delayed) Father’s Day to all the dads who play an active role in their kids lives. The Alexandria Echo Press makes the case about for parents to teach their kids about money.

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One response to “This Week in Money Management: Pull Out the Plastic”

  1. Sam says:

    Thanks for highlighting our article on Yakezie. Guess credit addiction is alive and well!

    Cheers, Sam

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